Shubham Saini, a 20 year old entrepreneur changing the paradigm of passion and hardwork

Shubham Saini hails from Rajasthan and is the owner and oversees management of ​M/s SR Malakar​ and it’s 10 other firms that deal in heavy construction, mining, marble, events- all the naïve age of 20.

Make no mistake, even at such a young age, his business and operational skills have taken each firm to new heights. As they say, ​it’s not the years but the experience and intellect that counts. ​Shubham is shifting paradigms. He is passionate about his work and aims to maintain good working relationships with his stakeholders.

With his relentless passion to create a change and to help as many people as possible- he’s entered into a lot of ventures that provide different services and also help the society to grow and develop as a whole. He has even ventured into the land of automobiles by owning Karni Automobiles Private Limited. ​His construction, mining and contracting business have seen tremendous growth in the past four years- ever since Shubham has started handling and managing the organisations. He is a true believer in working hard to achieve one’s aims and dreams.

Shubham and his organisation own more than 60 construction vehicles that help in delivering quality work. Shubham himself is a car enthusiast and owns more than 20 luxury cars. Interestingly enough, he owned a couple of luxury cars, including a BMW 520D, at the ripe age of 18. His love for cars has followed him ever since.

Shubham serves the society by helping during times of need, most recent being the COVID pandemic. He aided the vulnerable sections of the society by providing various essentials. Shubham aims to continue this service by joining politics in the near future and help the nation.

He believes in following the values taught to him in order to truly succeed in life and work. Shubham understands the social responsibility he has to undertake being a businessman and therefore, is always seen abiding by the laws and treating his workers and staff with utmost respect and empathy.

Shubham says, “A business grows because people work for it and it’s the responsibility of the senior leadership to take care of the human resource. Only then can we together change the definition of success.” Everyday, Shubham strives to be a better version and continues to innovate and expand his business- inspiring a generation of believers in hard work and passion.

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