SEO Audit Factors to Boost Your Rankings


The Keyword Stuffing Is not a valid and outdated technique for ranking. It may work, but now in 2020, it is an ugly approach. Google In recent years, updated their algorithms, and there are more than 200 ranking factors for SEO and add more every month.

Each google ranking factor acts differently while doing SEO. According to seo agency in uae If you pay more attention to the critical elements, it will save your ten percent of time and effort whereas it will boost the result up to ninety present.

Follow the List Given Below For SEO Audit:

  • Crawl your website manually or use the tool for crawling. Search engines such as Google will use a crawler, spider, or you can call it a bot to analyze your site’s website structure and current SEO setup. 
  • It depends on Google Algorithms to analyze the various elements according to those elements, and it will assign a rank for a specific term or keyword. Using Tools will save you time and effort. You just have to wait for the crawling tool to do its work.
  • There are many technical issues that may occur on your website during an SEO audit that includes Duplicate Content, broken links, redirects, too short or too long meta tags, broken images, and no index tags. 
  • The Statistics of these issues may vary like indexation and duplicate content; approximately fifty percent of total analyzed web pages, empty or wrong alt tags, and broken images issue up to forty-five percent and approximately thirty-five percent had broken links.
  • By increasing the frequency of posting or volume of content on your website does not increase your ranking. Google does not consider it a ranking factor so you need to go through your website and find the low-quality content and remove it. 
  • You can use the Content Pruning technique in which you go about removing the unwanted, useless content to maximize results. While Pruning removes all those pages that serve google significantly less while answering the google search queries. This process boosts your website ranking.
  • The technical issue can be found using Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tags, and for that, a beginner may have the knowledge and basic understanding of how the Robots.txt file works? This Robots.txt code tells google and other web bots to index pages on your site so that it’s visible to everyone while searching. You can also use that to tell google don’t crawl the specific part or page of your site.
  • The Bounce Rate is 9% if the page is loading in less than two seconds and whereas 38% bounce rate for pages takes five seconds to load. 
  • Rankbrain Google’s new Algorithm, according to which bounce rate and loading time, is another ranking factor. If you did not work on this factor, then seventy-nine percent of the buyers may have a lousy experience loading the product page. As a result, they don’t want to visit such a lazy site again, so you must work on this factor. And you must check the time it takes on other devices too and tries to improve that also. There are many tools available nowadays to save your time and effort for such a task.
  • Suppose you implement a structure on your website on different pages where it is needed. In that case, it will boost your ranking because google also uses structured data to display results related to queries. You can add services/product details, services/product reviews, upcoming events related to your business, information, or any specific description of anything and much more. If your sites have structured data you have to make sure and check the errors in the data implemented manually or by using the tool.
  • Recently Google tweeted about the meta tags. They said that tags and meta descriptions are the easy wins. Meta tags are the information about the data that your website is currently displaying in search engines. Check for your meta tags, find errors, and remove the duplicate meta tags for similar pages on more than one location. 

You Can Also follow these while doing an SEO audit:

  • Analyze your organic traffic while doing an SEO audit by using tools preferred way.
  • Learn from your competitor and see what they are doing to increase their ranking.
  • Update and Improve your quality content & on-page SEO.
  • For boosting your rank, you must optimize your internal links.
  • According to your site structure, optimizing your crawl budget.
  • According to the new techniques, improving and updating your backlink strategy.
  • In the end, track your result on a daily basis, and if you see a decrease in ranking, go and check why that happened and resolve the issue.
  • Execute your SEO audits daily, this will let you stay on top in SERP, which will ensure that your SEO efforts produce some results, and if an error occurs, you can fix it when that occurs. 

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