Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 25th Oct – 31st Oct 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles are going to bump into their teenage crush this week and fall in love, head over heels! Both will be mutually attracted! They will want to meet at a nearby place to express their feelings more appropriately. A beautiful relationship begins! They meet each other often and commit themselves together! They will keep meeting often and will enjoy life to its fullest. This week is going to prove to be excellent for married couples as well. They will have a very romantic time together. Some issue within the family will keep you negatively disturbed. There is nothing you can do about it as of now, except being patient.


Students pursuing graduation will retain their focus and concentration to the best of their ability. They will be able to ward off all distractions and their attention will not be diverted from studies. Their learning and memorizing processes will be impressive. As a result, their academic progress will certainly be very satisfactory. Students pursuing post-graduation will receive extremely useful guidance from their professors. These advices will be worth their weight in gold and will help them get a faster grasp over studies. Their hard work will be paid off and they will be blessed with amazing grades in examinations! We recommend students to practice meditation when stressed.


The Mighty Sun is and omnipresent source of energy. The Sun is seen moving through your sign. The movement of The Mighty Sun will add immensely to the strength of your immune system and vitality. Even if you happened to fall sick, you will recover within no time! You will need to be careful about viral infections this week. Take all possible precautionary measures. An unexpected injury to the upper part of your body is also a distinct possibility. You must be very careful. You could go for a walk every morning or considered joining the nearby gym. This will ensure that your health stays in top-notch condition!


The week seems to be average with matters pertaining to your finance and money. Impatience is not a virtue. You will have an intense desire for a major financial breakthrough. Since no major developments are happening on the financial front, it will be a wise idea to search for new avenues for generating additional financial inflow. You will also be successful in doing so! Do not spend money for purchasing exorbitant paraphernalia. There is a distinct possibility of spending money for something you had always intended to buy. Keep a tight leash around your unwanted expenses. This will ensure that your finances stay stable throughout the week!


This week is going to yield a mixed bag of fruits for businessmen as well as salaried employees with matters pertaining to their business and career growth. Businessmen will be busy negotiating multiple deals, all at once. They will be able to successfully conclude a few profitable deals around the weekend. Businessmen must read the minutest detail of any agreement that they sign during this period. A complacent attitude here could be disastrous! Short and frequent business trips could increase sales. Salaried employees will not be able to perform effectively at work. They will not be able to deliver their targeted output due to some reason or the other.

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