Road Trips from Manila to explore on a Long Weekend

Manila is the Philippines’ resplendent capital and is a resourceful place when it comes to long weekend road trips. International tourists or even Filipinos who have weekend breaks from work can scout the barkada with these road trips! Leave the city, hit the roads, and enjoy life-giving and refreshing air of the mountains in Tagaytay! 

The coolest thing here is that there is no basis for expensive spending, and that is because these road trips are within budget. Here are three of the most remarkable road trips that can be taken with Manila as the starting point: 

TRIP ONE: Quezon Beaches Road Trip- 160 Km Drive

The Province of Quezon has some of the most excellent beaches in Southeast Asia. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the exotic Tayabas Bay as you drive on. Quezon has picture-perfect sandy beaches with sand as white as the clouds. The beaches are mainly pristine with minimal human activity. 

You can spend the day with your loved ones by visiting the Dampalitan Beach, Borawan Beach, Cagbalete Island, or Kewbang Lampas Beach. Make sure that you stop by the Lucban Church on your return leg to the next destination. Don’t forget to taste the local Lucban Longanissa delicacy while you are there. 

TRIP TWO: The Bulacan Food and Adventure Road Trips – 100 Km Drive

Hiking on the towering Mount Manalmon is one of the most prized activities anyone can undertake in Bulacan. Take your time to explore the caves and swim in the rivers. Drive to Malolos and take a tour of the Barasoain Church after a refreshing dip in the pools. Bulacan is also an attractive center for food lovers as it offers the most scintillating and sizzling delicacies from different parts of the country. 

Bistro Maloleno is referred to as the Place of Original Bulacan Traditional Dishes, and you need to visit it during your road trip from Manila. You can sample the superior Malolos dishes made by the locals using age-long traditional recipes unique to the area. The pasalubong is one of the yummiest offerings on this leg of your road trip, so you and your gang must not miss it for the world. 

TRIP THREE: Bataan Historical Road Trip – 130 Km Drive

Bataan is a unique place of history in the nation as it is one of the provinces that fought the Spanish occupiers. It hosts many historic sites in the Philippines, and is perfect for families with children to learn some history while making the road trip. 

You can check out the revered Shrine of Valor (locally called Dambana ng Kagitingan) on Mount Samat, Mount Tarak Ridge, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, the imposing Francisco Balagtas’ Monument. 

You can also explore one of the many numerous churches in Bataan. An excellent place to stay will be the Plaza Hotel, and it is cozy and stylish by all means with its European designs. 

Useful Tips

Study the Routes Well

It would help if you spent some time to go through the travel routes properly. This will ensure that you do not get lost on the road and reach your destination on time. The finest stops to rest have been mentioned in the sections above. You can eat and drink at these stops or use the bathrooms, but it is still better to call ahead and make a reservation. 

Assess Your Car

Check the condition of your car if you are going to drive your own. Confirm that the car is in excellent working condition as you will not prefer to get stranded on a highway in the middle of nowhere with a malfunctioning automobile. Remember to carry spare parts and a toolkit in case the need of a quick repair arises. These are long weekend road trips, so you have to make sure the cars are in top notch condition for the journey. 

Make Use of Navigation Applications

There are several navigation apps that you can use on these road trips. Making use of them will make your journey easier, and stress will be minimized. You won’t have to rely on signboards or fellow travellers on the road. Do not just any random navigation application and use only the one you are already familiar with, to avoid confusion. 

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