Puglia: A 3-Day Travel Itinerary

A map of Italy quickly depicts the country as shaped like a boot. Puglia is located in the southern region of what can be called the heel of the boot. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and it is known for its fine wines, high-quality olive oil, tasty pasta, magnificent Trulli buildings, and pristine hill towns.

Puglia may not be as popular as Venice or Milan, but it is a place that everyone should visit. The region has a beautiful coastline lined with some of the most striking villages in Europe, and the cultural way of life here is typically Italian. For everyone interested in enjoying the very essence of what being Italian is, Puglia is the place to be. Here is a useful 3-day travel itinerary. 

Important Things to Note before the Trip

  • Bari Airport is where you should land if coming by flight.
  • If coming from Rome, take the train to Bari Centrale Station.
  • You must get a car, rent a good one. 
  • The weather is fantastic throughout the year but check again with local bureaus. 
  • Credit cards are widely accepted, but keep some euros too. 
  • Get insect repellent because there are several insects, especially mosquitoes. 

Where to Stay

While in Puglia, here are some of the most excellent places you can stay: 

  • Borgo Canonica Hotel: Situated in Cisternino, here is an old property with a history dating back to the 19th century. It is a genuine Trulli home, so if you want to experience that feeling of staying in one, this is the place for you. 
  • Hotel Grotta Palazzese: It is one of the most excellent places to stay anywhere in Puglia. It is situated in Polignano a Mare, a major town in the region. You can easily start any of your road trips across Puglia from here. 

Three-Day Itinerary



Get up early and drive for about 20 minutes from your hotel in Cisternino to reach Ostuni. It is a charming and whitish town with countless homes and maze-like alleyways that will ensure you get lost. The city evokes the feeling of charm and awe. While at Ostuni, do the following:

  • Tour of historic Ostuni Cathedral
  • Enjoy some local Italian dish at the Trattoria Fave e Fogghje
  • Visit the Citta Bianca Di Ostuni for some of the most charming views of the white city

Afternoon and Evening- Lecce

You will drive for roughly one hour from Ostuni before you get to Lecce, situated in the southeast heel of Italy. It is ideal for those interested in exploring the dazzling streets made of sandstone and sampling wines at several bars. 


Morning- Visit Locorotondo

Locorotondo is just about 10 minutes from your Cisternino base, and it is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. It is famed for its vintage wines and tastefully-designed houses. Take time to snap the most memorable photos and relax at any of the wine bars. 

Afternoon and Evening- Tour Alberobello 

You will drive for about 10 minutes from Locorotondo before you get to Alberobello. As a result of it being a hub of exotic Trulli homes, Alberobello has been tagged a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are thousands of these homes, and you must make sure you visit Alberobello and take as many photos as possible while having fun with the locals. 


Morning- Touring of Cisternino

Cisterno is a cute little old town emblematic with its winding and narrow streets, brilliant-white houses, neat piazzas, and its ancient churches. One thing that you are also going to notice about this town is its many barbecue butchers who will allow you to select the meat you want and while you wait, they will roast or grill it for you – typical Italian style! 

Afternoon- Sample the Wines

There are so many wineries in the region that if you are a wine lover, then Puglia will be a paradise for you. During wine tasting, you can also follow up with some traditional Italian dishes.


Following a day of touring the city, enjoying its finest wines and most delicious foods, you should retire early to your hotel so you can have a good night’s rest. The following morning, you depart this fantastic place called Puglia – with the most exciting memories ever! 

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