Places to Consider Moving to for Long-Term Remote Workers

Remote working has become the new normal this year and now many businesses are planning to continue with this even once the pandemic has passed. Working from home can bring benefits to both the business and the employees, and in many cases productivity has even increased. 

Freedom to Work from Anywhere

One of the major perks from an employee standpoint is that you can work from anywhere which means that you could even move to another part of the country. This will be appealing to those that only live where they currently do because of work and may want to move somewhere that has more to offer or is more affordable.

This was something that was recently researched by booklet printing specialists instantprint, who looked into where the best places to work from home are in the UK. This took into consideration key factors like:

  • 4G signal strength
  • Average internet download speed
  • Average property size
  • Average property price
  • Average monthly rental costs
  • Average cost of living

The Best Places

According to this research, these are the best places to work remotely in the UK when considering the above factors:


Belfast came out on top with Northern Ireland’s capital scoring a total of 105 points, largely thanks to the fantastic average internet download speed of 64.1 mbps. This is key for those that regularly have video calls as part of their job.


Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest city and one with great historical and economic importance. It is also the second-best place to work from home from with superb internet download speeds along with 24.1mbps and 4G coverage.


Nottingham ranked as the third best place to work from home with 90 points. This high ranking is largely due to the internet download speeds of 62mbps along with the relatively low average living cost at £890 (for comparison, London has an average of £1,677).


Manchester marginally missed out on a top 3 place with a total score of 97 points but it is a city that will appeal to many because of its culture. In terms of working from home, it ranked well largely thanks to the average 4G signal strength of 23.4mbps.


Closing out the top 5 was Leicester with 94 points. The East Midlands city is a good place to work remotely from thanks to the low average cost of living at £884 along with an average internet download speed of 53.1mbps.

These are the best places to work from home from in the UK and those that will be working remotely long-term may seriously want to look into these destinations. Remote working can bring many advantages from an employee perspective, including the ability to work from anywhere which allows people more choice when it comes to where they live.

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