Pisces Weekly Horoscope 11th Oct – 17th Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

This week is going to test your patience for matters pertaining to your love and relationship equations. Singles will be under constant negative pressure from their family to get married. The family would want singles to either reveal their choice of life partner or get married with someone the elders suggest. Their only intention behind this will be to ensure that singles settle down in life! Married couples will need to do something special to bring the charm back into their marital life. Any issues related to the family must be handled very tactfully and with a completely calm attitude. This will ensure peace and harmony within the family.


Students pursuing higher education will not be able to retain their concentration. They will be occupied with personal problems related to finance and family. Their attention will be diverted from studies. As a result, their academic progress will certainly suffer. Their learning process will substantially slow down. We recommend students to practice meditation. Students pursuing graduation will receive extremely useful tips from their professors. These advices will be worth their weight in gold and will help them get a faster grasp over studies. Their hard work will be paid off and they will be blessed with amazing grades in examinations! Sincerity will be the key factor here.


There is a distinct possibility of getting injured unexpectedly during this week. You are advised to be careful in this regard. Planetary influences instruct you to be cautious with matters pertaining to your health and fitness during this week. There is a distinct possibility of being troubled again by a major health issue that you think was cured. As soon as you experience any symptoms of physical discomfort, we advise you to visit your physician immediately. Taking prescribed medications on time will certainly help eliminate the issue. Avoid consuming junk food at all costs. Light exercises in the morning will certainly help to keep fit throughout the week.


The week seems to be very good with matters pertaining to your finance and money. Your financial inflow will definitely increase. There is a distinct possibility of a major financial gain. Such a gain will fill you up with positivity and enthusiasm, both for the present as well as for the future! Expenses related to your family could increase during this week. Refrain from taking any hasty financial decisions based upon impulse without prior contemplation. This is the week when you should consider saving a substantial amount of money for your own safety, as well as the safety of the future of your loved ones.


This is going to be a moderately good week for matters pertaining to your career growth and business. Not too many major business deals are foreseen during this period. However, businessmen will be able to realize one profitable deal during the beginning of the week. There will not be any problem handling incidental and routine business expenses. We recommend, do not try anything too risky during this time. There is no need to get desperate. You will be able to run your show very satisfactorily. Salaried employees will try and deliver their best output during this week. Planetary influences will be positive and supportive for them.

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