NYK Review of WWE Raw: October 12, 2020

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NYK Rating of WWE Raw for October 12, 2020

WWE Raw- October 12th

We start the show with The Viper. He says despite what show he lands on, one thing will remain the same. He will be locked inside Hell In a Cell, and he’ll become WWE Champion. 2020 has been a hell of a year, and it’s been the year of Drew McIntyre.

He’s become one of WWE’s prominent faces, but he beat McIntyre last week, and he hasn’t lost by pinfall in almost a year, and if that’s not a sign of things to come, then he’s mistaken. Orton will pin Drew again and end his legacy and take his title with the RK-and Broken Dreams, Gallantry plays, and here is Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre congratulated Orton for pinning him, but he didn’t anticipate him rejoiced when he was on the ground. That was a mistake because he got back up. Kicking him in the skull at Clash of Champions was for everyone he’s made suffer. But at Hell In a Cell, it will be for him.

Drew knows that he committed that every time they were in the same building together, he’d kick the crap out of him, and he doesn’t want to break a promise. Drew enters the ring and starts brawling with Orton. They take the fight outside. McIntyre suplexes Orton on the table, and Randy evades like a true wrasslin heel.

Stephanie McMahon receives the first draft picks backstage. In the first round, RAW picks Randy Orton, The Fiend, and Charlotte Flair, while SmackDown selects The Street Profits and Bayley.

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black – No Disqualification 

Owens wins with a Stunner and a powerbomb through a table in 12 minutes.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Match Review: 3.5/5. A brilliant hard-hitting match with Kevin Owens coming out strong. This was a PPV level match, which was evenly paced, and Aleister Black dominated the first half brilliantly. I want to see more of them. 

In the next round of the draft, RAW takes Matt Riddle, Braun Strowman, and Jeff Hardy while SmackDown selects Kevin Owens and YES! Daniel Bryan.

It’s time for Miz TV with Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. Before they do, they take a jab at New Day splitting. Mandy Rose said being swapped to RAW was sad because of being separated from Otis. Morrison and Miz tell Mandy she should be grateful because she’s winning. Brooke says she’s not insecure like Miz and Morrison wants her to believe. She says she’s not Sonya.

Miz discusses the battle royale for the number 1 contenders of Asuka’s title. Mandy tells Dana, ‘may the best woman win.’ Natalya and Lana come out for interruption. Mandy tells Lana if she spent less time on TikTok and more on her ring skills, she’d win some more before all four brawls. The faces clear the ring. Miz and Morrison are still in the ring before Lars Sullivan arrives. Miz leaves and makes quick work of Morrison.

Adam Pearce oversees New Day and Street Profits exchanging their titles. Ziggler and Roode are mad that Street Profits are leaving before getting what they’re owed. Ziggler and Roode issue a challenge, and New Day answers it. Rollins is backstage, preparing to deliver his farewell message.

Stephanie McMahon is back out. New Day will defend their titles against Roode and Ziggler tonight. 

In the 3rd round, RAW selects Keith Lee, Retribution, and Alexa Bliss while SmackDown picks Lars Sullivan and Corbin.

Rollins comes out and ‘heelishly‘ announces the end of an era and knows it’s difficult for us. We’re losing a purveyor of the greater good, a slayer of monsters, and the greatest RAW history leader. He looks at the RAW roster and questions if anyone can fill the gap he leaves behind, and he is saddened to say there isn’t anybody. It’s not going to be Rey Mysterio or Dominik because, sadly, they are on SmackDown as well.

It’s a sad moment for him until Jeff Hardy interrupts him. Seth says he was looking for a leader, and it’s not Jeff, so he orders him to leave his ring. Jeff says it’s his ring now since he’s a star on RAW. Rollins tells Hardy he should be worried more about his fight against Lars Sullivan on Friday. 

Then out comes The Phenomenal One. 

AJ greets Seth as he walks up the ramp and welcomes him back before saying this was never Monday Night Rollins. Seth walks back down the ramp and gets in AJ’s face before Hardy punches both of them and invites them to a triple threat.

Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

After Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on AJ Styles, a returning Elias strikes Hardy in the back with his good old guitar, and Styles pins him for the win in 14 minutes.

Winner: AJ Styles

Match Review: 3.25/5. It was a good match with a bad finish. I know WWE wants to develop new rivalries, and that’s why Elias is back, but I wanted to see a more decisive end for this fight. Great showing by all the three wrestlers. AJ Styles is money. 

Elias stares Jeff down from the ramp.

In the next round, RAW selects Lacey Evans, Elias, and Sheamus while SmackDown picks Nakamura, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs. Natalya and Lana

Brooke pins Lana with a senton in 3 minutes.

Winners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Match Review: 1/5. A typical Mandy Rose match. Natalya is a brilliant pro-wrestler and should be featured in a more meaningful feud. 

After the match, Natalya tells Lana she’s done with her, and it’s time to move on.

The Hurt Business is backstage, and Ricochet comes to them with a proposal. He realizes if Apollo goes to SmackDown, he might be by himself, and it’s not profitable Business for either himself or The Hurt Business if he keeps getting jumped week after week. He may be a pig for punishment, but he’s willing to take his turns. If Ricochet defeats any member of them, they squash their beef and go their different ways, but he joins The Hurt Business if he loses. Alexander takes the challenge, and it’s set.

Angel Garza vs. Andrade

Zelina is on commentary. Garza wins with the Wing Clipper in 2:30.

Winner: Angel Garza

Match Review: 1/5. Short match. Andrade is getting buried every week, and this is sad. Should he go back to NXT? Maybe. 

After the fight, Zelina checks on Andrade before the lights go out, and Alexa appears in the ring upside down, and The Fiend comes from behind. The Fiend and Bliss each hit Sister Abagail.

In the next round of the draft, RAW selects R-Truth, Nikki Cross, and Dabba-Kato while SmackDown picks Roode and Ziggler and Apollo Crews.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler Vs. The New Day (C) – RAW Tag Team Championships

New Day retains with the Midnight Hour in 12 minutes.

Winners: The New Day

Match Review: 3.5/5. It was a good match that followed the same New Day sequence. Ziggler and Roode Tag-Team seems promising. 

Elias is backstage and is questioned about what he did tonight. Elias confirms tonight was about payback, and while everyone acquitted Jeff, he hasn’t. Charly says Jeff wasn’t the one responsible, and Elias says he understands who hit him, and a car can’t stop him. He spent time soul-searching, and he announces, on October 26, his new album, Universal Truth, will be out. And he’ll deliver an exceptional concert next week. Oh God, NO!

Cedric Alexander vs. Ricochet – If Ricochet Loses, He Must Join The Hurt Business 

Hurt Business slides a chair in the ring while the ref is knocked out. Ricochet takes the chair, slams it on the mat, and pulls an Eddie, winning DQ’s match in 5 minutes.

Winner by DQ: Ricochet

Match Review: 2/5. Viva La Rasa. A good match for the time given. Nostalgia hit me hard, seeing the Eddie tribute. Will we see more of Ricochet Vs. The Hurt Business? Maybe. Ricochet should be pushed more. 

Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman is announced for next week (another DQ finish?).

In the final round, RAW selects Peyton Royce, Titus O’Neil, and Akira Tozawa while SnackDown picks the ravishing Carmella and Aleister Black.

RAW Women’s Championship #1 Contender Battle Royal

Natalya eliminates Lacey Evans, but Lana, who was never eliminated, sneaks from under the ring to earn the number 1 contenders in 12 minutes.

Winner: Lana

Match Review: 2/5. It was sloppy at times. Lana winning is a surprise I wasn’t expecting. October-December is slow months for WWE, and maybe they’re trying to change a little. I am not excited to see Lana challenging for the Women’s Championship, but I hope I am proven wrong. 

McIntyre and Orton are back in the ring and continue to brawl throughout ringside and have to be separated by officials. So much for social distancing.

NYK WWE Raw Rating for October 5, 2020: 7/10

Three Stars of the show

  1. Seth Rollins
  2. Kevin Owens/Aleister Black
  3. AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy

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