Marco Valentinsig: The rise of a marketing superhero


In recent years a name has been rising and growing like wildfires in the Marketing industry. Also known as Marcopac, Mr. Marco Valentinsig is one of the top Italian marketers. A young boy from northern Italy who believes in new technologies and the most innovative platforms using and deepening this type of activity.

A young boy who started by following the creation of digital channels by developing strategy projects on social media involving different brands such as Moroso, Fantoni, ABS from Danieli Group, and many more. It all now makes sense, when your learning is of top quality, it sure does take some time but your long-term growth becomes exponential.

Born in 1987 in Northern Italy, Mr. Valentinsig started his career with the music industry. Later he worked in a design company as a marketing manager for seven years. He’s always worked in the communications and marketing industry. Recently in 2018, he founded his own company known by the name of Beliked, creating a diverse advertising business that stands apart from the classic web agency. The aim is to maximize individual content covered by the implementation of business savings plans. This strategy up till now has led to the improvisation of his client brands and also optimized the processes into considerable annual budgets.

The scale of the popularity of Mr. Valentinsig can be seen as he has been quoted by the Wall Street Italia, The Millionaire, Messagero Venero, and been published in numerous editorial titles for an instance, Gambero Rosso. Marco also gets invited as a speaker to many marketing and digital events, such as the Marketers Festival, Italia’s Growth Talent, and some others. Last year, he launched the first course in Italy on Tik Tok and also gained the primacy for the first Italian course on Tripadvisor. Such a talented and amazing guy Mr. Valentinsig is that there’s always something to learn in his every single conversation.

He says, “To communicate a brand, you have to live it, it’s essential to spend time inside of its spaces, touching and internalizing what it has to offer.” Words of wisdom and lessons of life, we wish Mr. Valentinsig all the best for his future endeavors.

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