Look For Unique Vanities and Medicine Cabinets for that Bathroom Renovation

When a homeowner gets ready to renovate that outdated, worn bathroom, it is important to make the most of every penny spent. Consider choosing the new bathroom vanity and a coordinating mirror with a medicine cabinet behind it first. Then, coordinate all the other features of the new bathroom with the new vanity. Having a medicine cabinet above the vanity adds convenience and storage to the bathroom. Medicines and personal care items can be stored within easy reach, yet out of sight.

Choosing a New Vanity Is Just the Beginning

Choosing a new vanity for the bathroom renovation is just the beginning of a proper renovation. Along with the new vanity, the homeowner must choose a faucet and drain set, coordinating light fixtures, and a mirror and medicine cabinet combination. There are medicine cabinets faced with attractive mirrors on the market. They can match the vanity for a coordinated look. Unique Vanities can be the beginning of an attractive bathroom design. Choose the finish and styling that goes with the rest of the house.

Once the vanity, medicine cabinet, faucets, and lights are chosen, the style for the bathroom is set, so choosing the other fixtures and finishes is easier. The homeowner will choose flooring, bathtub, shower unit, toilet and other finishes to look good with the Vanity. The vanity size might affect the size of the toilet and bathtub or their location. For a successful bathroom renovation, every fixture must be the correct size and have enough clearance between them for comfortable traffic movement and safety.

Choosing the Correct Vanity and Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

To choose the correct vanity, the homeowner must measure the bathroom and make note of where the sink hookups are. Moving the vanity too another wall will be costly because of moving the plumbing to accommodate it. Other considerations on vanity placement are the convenience of installing lighting or a recessed medicine cabinet and mirror above the vanity.

Installing the bathroom vanity and the plumbing might be best accomplished by a licensed plumber. No one wants faucets or under-counter pipes that leak, have the hot and cold water reversed, or other problems. The hot water faucet and pipes must be connected to a water heater. The drain pipe must be properly installed to get rid of wastewater.

If a homeowner is not experienced in carpentry, the medicine cabinet should also be installed by professionals. It will be fit between studs, or larger medicine cabinets might need to have studs cut out and additional framing installed to get it in place and properly installed without jeopardizing the strength of the wall.

If the medicine cabinet chosen will sit on the wall instead of being recessed, it will still need adequate support. Some mirrors and medicine cabinets come with built-in lighting that will require an electrician to install. Remember, the larger the medicine cabinet and mirror, the heavier they will be and the more support they will need.

Once the vanity is installed, the homeowner must determine the correct placement of the medicine cabinet/mirror as to height and horizontal location. A double vanity might have two mirrors and medicine cabinets that must be centered above each sink. Wall light fixtures must be located where they will give the best light for those using the sinks. Will two or three wall sconces be used? Or, will a ceiling light fixture be installed with lights that can be directed at each sink?

Consider the Whole Bathroom

Vanities come in many depths, heights, and widths and should be carefully chosen to make the most of the available space in the bathroom without crowding it. The best vanity suppliers will be able to give the homeowner required clearances to go by. Remember, the bathroom will also need a bath tub, shower and a toilet. Some bathrooms have separate tub and shower units, and some bathrooms use a combination tub and shower arrangement.

The toilet can be part of the main room or be separated by a wall for privacy. This type of toilet arrangement takes more space from the rest of the bathroom. The goal of a bathroom renovation is to end up with an attractive bathroom that is spacious rather than crowded and allow family members to have a pleasant experience using it. When children are involved, the height of the vanity and mirrors must accommodate them as they grow as well as the adults.

Choose water-resistant finishes that are easy to clean for a bathroom so it looks new for longer. Don’t forget to add adequate ventilation to avoid steam buildup that will interfere with using the mirrors after a bath and might even encourage dangerous mold growth. A window is a great thing in a bathroom because it provides light and, when open, helps ventilate the room. But if a window is not possible, make sure to use the best fan and ventilation equipment to keep the room dry.

Don’t forget the hot water. If the whole house water heater is located far from this bathroom, it might be worth installing an on-demand water heater just for the bathroom for instant hot water when you want it. If this is a consideration, make sure the vanity selected will accommodate the equipment.

The Advantages of Choosing a Mirror and Medicine Cabinet Combination

Though this combination mirror and medicine cabinet might cost more and involve a more-complicated installation, it is well worth the investment. Medications will be out of small children’s reach for safety. and the above-vanity location makes medicines and personal care items easier for the owners to reach and use. Medications can be unsightly when piled on the counter and hard to access stuffed under the counter in the deeper vanity storage areas. The wall-mounted medicine cabinet makes use of otherwise wasted wall space and does not protrude very far into the room. The recessed medicine cabinet/mirror combination is actually adding space to the room with a nice, tailored look. The key to success is to choose the correct size and style of vanity and medicine chest/mirror to coordinate with it.

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