Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th Oct – 17th Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

This is going to be a complicated week for your relationship equations. Singles will be solely focused upon physical intimacy rather than an emotional bond with their partner. They will be successful in persuading their partner for enjoying these physical pleasures. They will even be able to enjoy this act to the fullest possible extent. The important thing to remember here is, this joy does not have any quality of permanence in it! Married couples will need to walk an extra mile to please their spouse and keep them in a responsive mood. You will be able to spend a very pleasant time with your family and close friends.


Planetary influences are excellent for students during this week for all matters pertaining to their academic growth. Students pursuing graduation will remain focused. Their level of concentration will be like never before. This will enable them to learn complicated topics very easily. Their memorizing power will also be as sharp as a sword! Students pursuing higher education will display an inclination for going abroad for higher studies. Current planetary influences are very favorable for them to consider the same. They can begin planning for their travel formalities, admission and visa procedure. Students are advised to take maximum advantage of this favorable week.


Sun, the source of energy, seems to be moving through your sign Libra this week. Two major planets along with the mighty Sun seem to be having a very negative influence upon your sign. This is not good news. There is a distinct possibility, you may fall prey to a major illness during this week. As soon as you experience any symptoms of physical discomfort, we advise you to visit your physician immediately. There is a distinct possibility of getting injured on the upper part of your body. You are advised to be careful in this regard. Light exercises in the morning will certainly help to keep fit.


Is it going to be an excellent week with matters pertaining to finance and money, provided you are cautious about a few aspects. Your overall financial stability will be very satisfactory. Planetary influences are not very favorable for considering new investments during this week. There is a distinct possibility of spending a substantial amount of money for recreational activities. However, do not take your currently good financial situation for granted. Concentrate upon saving money for the safety of your own future as well as your loved ones. No major expenses are foreseen during this week. ‘Caution’ will be the most important word for you to remember.


This week is going to yield a mixed bag of fruits for businessmen as well as salaried employees with matters pertaining to their business and career growth. Businessmen will be busy negotiating multiple deals, all at once. Despite all their sincere efforts, they will not be able to close any major deals this week. However, they will be able to successfully conclude a few normal deals along the way. Salaried employees will not be able to perform effectively at work. They will not be able to deliver their targeted output due to some reason or the other. This will leave them with a sense of insecurity within their organization.

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