Leo Weekly Horoscope 25th Oct – 31st Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

Around mid-week, singles are going to bump into their ex-girlfriend at a social function this week and fall in love once again, head over heels! Both will be mutually attracted towards each other! They will want to meet at a convenient place to express their feelings more appropriately. A beautiful relationship begins! They meet each other often and commit themselves together, yet again! There is a strong probability of developing major issues with your relationship equations in general. Despite efforts, your differences will not be sorted out, at least as of now. Be patient! You are going to have a fun filled week with your family and close friends.


Students pursuing graduation will have a difficult time learning complicated topics. They will also take a lot of time to memorize what is required. Despite devoting enough time for studies, their progress will be steady but slow. Students pursuing post-graduation will not be able to retain their concentration. They will be occupied with several distractions. Their attention will be diverted from studies. As a result, their academic progress will certainly suffer. Their learning process will be negatively affected. Sincerity will be the key factor here. We recommend students to practice meditation during times of anxiety and stress. This will certainly help replenish brain power.


In accordance to the current planetary influences, no major health illnesses are foreseen for you during this week. Most of the week, your health will remain in top-notch condition. Refrain from eating junk food this week as they may cause stomach upsets and digestive system disorders. You will need to be very careful in this regard. People middle aged and above will need to monitor their blood pressure and sugar levels, just to be on the safer side. It will be a great idea to join a gym. Light cardiovascular exercises every day in the morning will be very beneficial in the longer run.


The week seems to be very average with matters pertaining to your finance and money. There is a hardly any possibility of a major financial gain for you this week. Refrain from taking any major financial decisions. It will be a disaster to take any decisions based upon impulse or in a haste. There may be a marginal increase in your financial inflow. No major accidental expenses are envisaged for you during this time. You will be able to save a substantial amount of money for your own safety as well as the safety of your loved ones. Overall, during the entire week, your financial position will be moderate.


It will be a great idea for businessmen to consider expanding their territory horizons for increasing their sales. Short but consistent business trips will definitely prove to be profitable. It is better to focus upon your business strategies rather than worrying about your competitors. Salaried employees will remain much stressed at office due to extra work load. They will need to work for extended hours to meet the fast approaching deadline. Completing tasks within stipulated time will be their top priority. All their hard work will be appreciated and they will be able to deliver their tasks on time. This is going to be and a performance oriented week!

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