Leo Weekly Horoscope 18th Oct – 24th Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will not be in a mood for romance during this week. They will receive several suggestive gestures from somebody of the opposite sex. Singles will simply pay no heed to them! They will be stressed due to an adverse effect of a personal situation. They will not be in any mood to develop a new relationship. Things will be uncomfortable with someone you are in a meaningful relationship with. Despite all your honest efforts, you will not be able to resolve the issue, as of now. Married couples will also remain unhappy. They will keep playing the blame game. They must be patient with each other.


This does not seem to be a very good week for students and their academic pursuit. Their overall progress will be hampered because their main priority will not be academics. Students pursuing graduation will remain concerned about future employment prospects. They will want to start earning money as soon as possible. Since their attention in studies will be minimal, they will not be able to make satisfactory progress during this week. The situation is more or less same for students pursuing higher education. They will keep sitting one reason or the other and neglect their studies. This will not prove to be very beneficial for their academic growth.


This is the week when you will literally keep your health and fitness as top-most priorities! You must develop a habit of exercising regularly to remain fit throughout the week. Joining a gym will also be a fantastic idea. No major health issues are foreseen for you. However, you may feel irritated due to issues such as cold and cough. The only way to avoid this is to stay away from places which are highly polluted. Always keep your hands and face sanitized, keep yourself adequately hydrated and stay away from roadside junk food. Overall, this week has nothing but good health to offer.


This is going to be a moderately fruitful week for matters pertaining to your finance and money. A marginal increase in your financial inflow of money is foreseen for you during this week. With respect to the current planetary influences, you are advised against considering any fresh investments during this period. Investments made during this time will not prove to be very beneficial in the longer run. Your twelfth house is linked with expenses and losses. Saturn is influencing this house very strongly. You must have enough contingency funds available to deal with emergencies and unexpected expenses. Your overall financial stability will be satisfactory during this time.


The current planetary influences will not make it any easy for businessmen as well as salaried employees for their career growths. The week is going to prove to be very challenging for them. Businessmen will need to deal with several competitors in the market. It will be a great idea to reduce profit margins for increasing sales and reserving their market share. Salaried employees may be given a very responsible job this week. They must roll up their sleeves and prepare to work really hard! They will need to muster all their courage and skills to handle the additional responsibility successfully. Patience will be the key factor.

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