Las Vegas Marketing Agency Talks About How to Increase Traffic to Youtube Videos


YouTube is an excellent social media tool. According to Las Vegas marketing agency, YouTube is also a great platform to market your product and clients online. Other than the fact that it contains millions of videos uploaded every minute, YouTube is also the second largest search engine after Google. 

It just implies that it’s easy for any video to get lost in the vast land of YouTube. However, there are ways to increase traffic in your YouTube Videos, there are easy and straightforward steps, effective ways that could help you win some clicks.

Always keep in mind that first impressions last

With the help of the three T’s or Thumbnails, Titles, and Tags, this will make sure that your video will maximize the chances for success. The three T’s should work well, are coordinated, and tells a story.

Thumbnails. Always remember that it’s the first thing that a viewer sees, and pretty much it leaves the first impression. Make sure that your thumbnail is in the right size and that it represents the whole content of the video. Sometimes close up of faces works well. 

Also, keep in mind that because it is the first thing that the viewer sees, it must be presentable and appealing, that it is “click-worthy.” YouTube usually gives two to three choices on what to choose as your thumbnail, but if none it is “thumbnail worthy,” then you always have the option to customize your own.

Titles. Your title is like the promotion body of your video, so it must be inviting enough that would give the viewers excitement. It must be intriguing enough to make them want to click it, the first three terms and last three terms should be relevant and have an emotional drive to your viewers. You can use keywords to make it more descriptive.

Create a title that fits perfectly with the video content and keep in mind that it should be well-integrated with your thumbnail.

Tags & Description. Remember that the more keywords and tags you use, the higher the possibility of people finding your video. Think of unique tags that are still connected with your video; you can either mention famous names, topics or characters. Pick tags that are good for SEO.

You can also use any related phrases but be sure to use quotation marks (“”). Like the title, your video description is relevant and coherent with everything connected to your video content. It is the part where you slowly drop hints about the video, or to even make more explanation about the video. Don’t make your descriptions too long so that your audience will get tired of reading it, make sure to explain it in 3 sentences at least.

Use your Video to Reply to a Popular Video

Did you know that YouTube allows its users to reply to another video? Now you know. With this kind of opportunity, responding to your video with millions of views will only make better promotions because tons of people will see it.

An excellent opportunity to use in increasing the popularity of your video, however, you are only allowed to do it once, so make the right choice on where to use it.

Video Content matters

What you upload matters, it doesn’t have to be serious and educational, but at least it should be consistent, appealing, and entertaining. Your video channel should have its focus and tackles topics related to that primary focus. If you are promoting or marketing a product on your video, it’s also important to consult a Las Vegas Marketing company that has a concrete knowledge on how to increase the traffic driven by your videos. 

Give it a consistency that your subscribers would know the main topics that your videos are focusing on. It could be about covering songs or maybe lifestyle and beauty. 

The important thing is your videos are made to engage and inform and entertain people. Thinking about your contents is a tedious task but creating something that will inspire people is what matters.

Remember to post often and early, so your viewers will know when to check out your channel again.

Never forget to promote, use other social media platforms.

After you upload a video with three T’s, it will not work easily.  If they are needed to be assessed, you can tap someone to help promote and ask people to watch your video. You need to have manual social engagement with everyone. Link your YouTube channel to your Twitter, Facebook, etc. This way, whenever you upload another video, both your friends and followers will get notified.

You are a contributor to your videos’ successes. By promoting it, you’ll have more audience to watch and notice your video. It will not be lost in the YouTube forest anymore.


As the one of the largest social media platforms, uploading and creating videos for YouTube won’t mean that you’ll immediately reach millions of people to watch your video and subscribe to your channel.

But with the following tips listed above, may it be of great help to those video bloggers who want to be big and create viral videos.

About the Author Lamiia Massey

Lamiia Massey

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