IP Vanish Is The Best VPN For Android Devices


If you use an Android device to connect to the Internet and want to do so either anonymously or to get around a geo location block, then using a virtual private network (VPN) is the way to do this. But with there being so much choice of VPN service providers, it can be difficult to know which one of them is the best and, thus, the one that you should use with your Samsung Galaxy S10 etc.

It is for that reason that we tested a number of the top VPNs currently available on the market so that we could find out once and for all which one of them works the best with Android Devices. So, having tested Private VPN, IP Vanish, Cyber Ghost VPN, Nord VPN, and Express VPN we found IP Vanish to be the best for a number of reasons. If you want to know more about the other VPN services that we tested, you can read on here.

Best VPN For Android Devices- IP Vanish

IP Vanish is a serious performer on Android devices and comes with a variety of different features. With it you can unlock content that is either geo restricted or censored in your country for whatever reason. This means that you get full access to services and websites,such as Spotify, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, kodi, and Skype. However, when we tested the VPN service we were not able to connect to the likes of Netflix nor BBC iPlayer with it.

The single subscription plan lets you use up to 10 different Internet devices with the service at any one time, so the cost per device is super cheap. The company has 1,300 of its own fully optimized servers that it uses and more than 40,000 unique IP addresses in more than 75 countries so you should never have any problems getting securely connected to one of them.

Also because IP Vanish owns all of these servers, it means that they are able to guarantee the users of their service super fast speeds. In addition to that, there are no speed or data limitations on their service. This makes it ideal for sharing and downloading much larger files than normal.

IP Vanish Android Application Features

The Android application features AES 256 bit keys, the option for split tunneling, and a full on kill switch. With the split tunneling feature you are able to directly pick the applications that you wish to be routed via the VPN or your internet service provider (ISP).

For any applications that you may use on a daily basis, such as banking ones, the option for split tunneling is a really useful one. Should you not be pleased with your experience of the VPN service within the first 7 days, then you can get all of your money back without any questions being asked.

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