Instagram – How To Build Real Followers?


Instagram is one of the most visited social media platforms in the world. Apart from just having fun and sharing content. It has become a powerful tool in building the business and brand. This is because of its millions of users. According to some reports, the platform has over 300 million active users that share 50 million images and videos per day. However, to become famous on this platform, you need to have thousands of followers.  

There are many websites and application available in the market which offers an instant increase in following and likes for Instagram. But beware as most of them use fake accounts that are created by fake numbers. These fake followers have no value as they cannot like or share your content. Further, it can also steal your private information and password. According to Instagram, these fake accounts consist of 30% of the total account. It is massive, and you should be aware of these fake followers. 

However, the best way to build real followers is to be authentic with your audience. To seek the attention of people, you need to post eye-catching content that has some information. Usually, informative and straightforward content is considered as the most effective one. Moving further, let’s discuss some tips that will help you in getting real followers. 

Tips to be considered 

Creative caption 

The platform is all about sharing images and videos. Most of the people neglect the importance of caption. Please don’t ignore it and try to be descriptive and use attractive words in the caption. You can also use inspiring quotes. Let’s look at some ways through which you can create an engaging caption. 

  • Get attached to the post, tell the story of position, use emotional fictions and inspiring quotes. 
  • Write questions with the post; write it initially so that people will see it with more interest. 
  • Tag the people and ask your followers to share the post with beloved friends and family members. 
  • Use tricky language in intellectual posts; try to write a sarcastic sentence with a confusing tone. 

Remember that you are targeting a specific audience and accordingly use the captions. Your every post should be genuine and have some personal attachment. Use emoticons to express the real feeling behind the post. 

Post the content with hashtags 

To increase real followers, it is necessary to use hashtags that tells the story of the post. It’s great for the business and promotional pages to use its own hashtag. One needs to start a conversation with people by using these things. 

  • New product launches 
  • Advertisement 
  • Contests 
  • Events 

Using hashtags is the most effective way to cover a good number of people. The hashtag will reflect your posts on every search engine. By using popular and engaging hashtags, the searches will increase the real followers.  

Approach local friends 

It is the best way to increase Instagram followers. Tell your neighbors and friends about your Instagram page. Tell them to share and like the posts you shared. If you want to advertise anything on your locality, then it works best for you. Let’s see some ways to attract local people. 

  • Add location in the post and tag some famous personalities of your locality. Visit favorite places your locality and accordingly use the hashtags. 
  • Tag maximum friends and family members. Leave a comment and tell the friends to share the posts in many groups. 
  • Gather likes for Instagram by using emoticons and creative content. Don’t ever introduce any lousy content. It can damage the image of the account. 

Mentioned above are some of the best ways to build real Instagram followers. You can try these and surely experience good results. However, increasing real followers is not easy and takes some time. You need only to make consistent efforts and hope for the best.  

Benefits of having real followers on Instagram 

Today, social media platforms are one of the most effective ways to advertise goods and services. Almost every person has an account on this platform. The planform act as a medium to stay connected with the world. To increase the value of the account, you need to gather more likes for Instagram. Moving further, let’s discuss some benefits of having real followers. 

Can earn money 

When the account has a large number of followers, it attracts the potential advertisement. They use your account to reach the people and attract their goods and services. In return, you will get a good amount of money. For some people, it is also the only source of income. 

If you have a good number of followers, you can use the account for marketing purposes. Instagram will also mark the account as VIP. That is, a blue tick is added with the username. There are already many people present that use this platform for advertising products and making money. 

Can become influencer 

If you have a real and massive fan following. Then people will take your posts seriously. They will treat you as a famous personality and also share the content posted. People will also increase likes for Instagram if they get influenced by the post. 

As an influencer, one can earn a good amount of money. There are also chances of noticing by some famous personalities. That will give further opportunities to grow more. Overall, having a large number of followers is an extraordinary thing. It cannot be achieved overnight and contains a lot of struggle and time. 

Becomes famous 

Mainly, social media platforms are used to gain fame. When you have a large number of followers, the people will pay more attention to every post. Ultimately, you will become a famous personality, and the name recognizes that. 

Lastly, it is not easy to gather a large number of real followers. For this, you need to be patient and have to do consistent hard work. Generally, to get more likes for Instagram, you need to have more followers on the account. 

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