Indian Air Force Chief Bhadauria says threat matrix to India has become more complex


Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria on Thursday said the evolving threat matrix to India has become more complex with adversaries collusively supported by non-state actors.

Addressing the men in blue during the 88th Indian Air Force Day at Hindon, 20 kilometres east of the national Capital, Bhadauria said: “The evolving threat matrix in our region is becoming complex, ranging from aspirational adversaries with huge investments in military arsenal, to those collusively supported by non-state actors, apart from growing sub-conventional threats emanating from terrorism and cyber space.”

He also said the emerging security scenario mandates a greater need to have a strong Air Force, to fight across domains across the entire spectrum of warfare.

“Our vision for this decade, is to continue to comprehensively scale up our combat capability, and be a force to reckon with across the entire sphere of influence; through careful force structuring, modernisation, operational training, and acquisition of indigenous equipment to achieve substantial self-reliance,” the Indian Air Force chief said.

He also highlighted that the recent induction of state-of-the-art Rafale, Chinook and Apache aircraft has added significantly to the combat capability over adversaries on the battlefield.

“Our offensive strike capability has been honed further, with upgradation of our aircraft with weapons and sensors, ably supported by a networked decision-making matrix,” he said.

The Air Force Chief stated India have a large strategic airlift capability comprising of IL-76s, C-17s and C-130s and have also significantly enhanced helilift capabilities with helicopter inductions.

Taking about the five-month border dispute with China and the Indian military response to the emerging crisis, he commended all air warriors for the quick response, in the recent stand-off on northern frontiers, when India has deployed combat assets at short notice to handle any eventuality.

He also lauded them for providing proactive support to all the requirements of deployment and sustenance for the Indian Army.

“We have clearly demonstrated our resolve, operational capability, and the will to effectively engage the adversary, should the need arise,” he stated.

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