Increase in Online Sales of Smartphones


The pandemic had a disruptive impact on most sectors worldwide. Production and sale of smartphones were also affected, as one would imagine. However, thanks to e-commerce sites and as restrictions were slowly lifted, there has been a surge in sales of smartphones, especially online. In fact, 40% of India’s smartphone sales came from online sites. There are a lot of reasons why more people purchased smartphones during the pandemic, and here we explore the main factors that influenced their decision.

Source of Entertainment for Indian Players

When it comes to entertainment in India, most people consume more content on smartphone devices, according to the FICCI-EY Report in 2019. The data shows a 35% smartphone penetration. The gaming sector in general, has experienced a huge boost in players. Most people have embraced online gaming, especially now, and they play either on their mobile or desktop devices.

According to data from Statista, there are 365 million Indian gamers in 2020, and this number is predicted to reach 510 million in 2022. As there are many free mobile games, it’s safe to say that these are important factors that make gaming easily accessible to the general public.

What’s more, online casinos are also a type of entertainment that has become widely popular because a lot of people spend more time indoors. There are many online casinos that are customized to Indian players, meaning you can deposit in rupees and play games like Andar Bahar. To make sure you’re playing on a legitimate site, familiarize yourself with different casinos. For this purpose, take the time to read reviews offered by experts on reliable sites. For example, if you want to learn more about Casumo casino, you’ll need to read an honest Casumo review for Indian players.

More Convenience for Online Meetings and Classes

As a lot of people are working from home, they need to stay connected with their team. For this purpose, a lot of people need better devices, including smartphones. This is why apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams have experienced an increased number of users. 

Zoom has reported 300 million daily participants, while Microsoft Teams stated the platform is used on a daily basis by 75 million active users as of April 2020.If you’re looking to improve your skills and knowledge during this time, you will likely search for platforms available online.

Another reason why purchasing a good smartphone has become a necessity is online learning. A lot of colleges in India have moved their classes and exams online, while they will likely provide options offline for students that need in-person lectures. That being said, most college students would need a smartphone or laptop to keep up with the classes.

Lets You Stay Connected

Obviously, people still need to stay connected with their loved ones, even when they are self-isolating. Social media applications like Facebook, Instagram and also apps like WhatsApp, available on smartphones, offer options for making a video call and talking to your friends and family virtually, which means is you’re currently away from your loved ones, you will likely feel more part of their daily life thanks to the many great features offered by these kinds of apps.


To sum up, we live in unprecedented times, and while we are socially distancing, we are still looking for ways to stay connected with each other. Not only are smartphones easy to use, but there are also cheaper models in comparison to tablets and laptops, while they offer many options to pass the time or learn something new.  So, we can’t deny that electronic devices like smartphones make navigating this pandemic a lot easier.

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