Make Your Youtube Videos Stand Out With These Amazing Tools


Rather than waiting to edit your videos on a desktop or laptop, wouldn’t it be wonderful to edit your videos on-the-go with your android smartphones? 

Your phone device should be capable of producing quality content that is ready for posting to YouTube. 

However, suppose you are looking for editing videos on an android phone. In that case, there are many criteria you need to understand before deciding on the software to use. Video Editing is a massive task, and you need compatibility between the software and your phone.

YouTube itself has an in-built video editor that you can use to produce good content; however, using a separate software allows you more options for editing videos. 

What do you need from a video editing software? You need the app to locate your video on your device, help edit the video to become more polished, and upload the video directly to YouTube. You can use online video editors like Video Creek to edit videos over the web, but try out one of these apps to better understand the process before making a choice.

Free YouTube Video Editing Software For Android

1. Vlogit

Vlogit is a free application available for download in the android app store. It is one of the professional tools available for content creators to edit and polish their videos. The Vlogit app is one of the go-to apps used by editors to edit videos on their android devices. 

The application has a simple user interface that allows you to edit videos right on the app’s face. There are many features available in the application, like video rotating and adding effects like titles, text, etc.  The Vlogit app has several filters that can be used to edit your videos with different genre-specific visuals. The app allows the user to upload the videos directly to any social media platform and can even stream live videos. 

2. KineMaster Pro

KineMaster is one of the first video editing apps that became available on android devices. Similar to many other video editors, KineMaster also has the same basic features as polishing and filters. But, this app also has multi-video options along with images and layers. 

It is one of the best apps that can be used for editing videos that are free to use. However, the premium version carries a charge in exchange for which you get many more tools and features available for users. 

KineMaster allows you to preview your video even after small edits to visualize the differences. You can even adjust brightness, color, and speed for each frame of the video.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

An application for video editing coming from Adobe is sure to be a high caliber. It is one of the premiere apps by Adobe. It allows you to edit videos quite easily on any android device. The Adobe Premiere Clip allows users to cut, trim, and even add transitions to the videos.

The app can add music, filter the visuals, and even add effects to make the videos pop. The other advantage of the Adobe Premiere Clip is that it is free to use and easily downloaded in your device’s app store.

4. VideoShow

Another of the many video editors available for use in the android play store is the VideoShow app. It is an entirely free application that can be used by beginners as well as expert users. Being an android app, the final videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube via your android device. 

This application’s features include a user-interface that is easy to use—the app allows for the addition of text, emojis, themes, and music to videos. The app includes a massive music library you can use in editing your videos.

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps you can find in the market. This app is packed to the brim with all the tools and features you will need to produce excellent YouTube videos.

Other than the basics of cutting and trimming videos, the FilmoraGo app allows can play your videos in reverse and create videos specific to each social media platform. The app supports slow-motion editing, transitions, and also music. 

The FilmoraGo app is free to use. However, if you want to use the more obscure and advanced features, you can pay for purchases in the app to access the same. 

6. Power Director

Powerdirector is one of the most useful apps available for the android app store for editing videos. The app is free to use, but you need to pay a small amount each month to gain access to the app’s more advanced and sophisticated features. However, the free version itself has so many features that your editing gets done with the available tools.       

Like other video editing software, the Power Direct also has tools for cutting, trimming, adding music, and adding text to the videos. The app can be used to customize music to match the existing video. One additional feature of the Power Director is the ability to add a voice-over, which can be added to the final videos, which are added to YouTube. 


When you want to post videos to YouTube, you need to ensure that your videos are top-quality. Your content might be useful, but it’s not possible to upload the same to YouTube without some edits. A hitch in the process of posting the videos could arise due to a lack of funds to invest in good quality editing software. 

The list here is on the free editing software that is compatible with your android phones. Any of these free applications can help remove the obstacle and lead you to become successful content creators. 

Depending on the specification of the build of your phone, you can see if any of these apps is an excellent match for your phones. You can start off slow and see which apps interface is easy for you to use and start editing. Get more info on the internet.

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