How Will Your Smartphone Look Like In The Next Five Years?


Technology is ever-changing and you never know what the future has in store for us. The speculations are rife – what we are using today might not work in the future. So, everyone needs a new smartphone within a few years from now onwards.

If all goes well, then we are straightway looking into the future possibilities of 6G-enabled devices and handsets. Now that 4G has already become part and parcel of our lives and, with 5G to follow, the impending 6G mobile technology is likely to redefine the core of the internet revolution to its fullest. 

Right now, we are all clueless. We don’t know the shape, design, and integrated technology of our future smartphones but the best is yet to come. Any imagination regarding the future is like taking a reverse time machine ride into the future. Considering your excitement, I’m unraveling some futuristic technical aspects of your smartphone. 

Let’s Go To 2025, And Analyze Your Future Smartphone

1)Foldable Handsets

The bygone era of foldable smartphones, which were literally lost into the oblivion following the advent of touchscreen bar phone, is likely to come back with a bang. Last year, Samsung launched its Galaxy fold following which Motorola too came up with its Motorola Razr – both are foldable smartphones. More brands will come with their own range of similar devices soon. 

By 2025, foldable devices are all set to take the mobile market by storm. However, price and software compatibility are two major factors that will eventually decide the fate of foldable smartphones. 

2) 6-G Technology

In all its probabilities, we are likely to witness a 5G revolution anytime next year. Several companies have already started producing 5G-compatible devices keeping in mind the needs of the future. Within a few years from now onwards, IT companies will invest more in 5G-enabled devices than 4G compatible handsets. 

6G is also awaiting its worldwide launch soon after 5G. US President Donald Trump hinted that with the use of more sophisticated devices and the need for high-speed internet connectivity, 6–G is the need of the hour. 

By 2025, 6G is likely to unleash another internet revolution on this planet with its unprecedented speed, connectivity, and data transfer capabilities.

3) No 3.5-mm Jack

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a handset with a 3.5-mm jack. Nowadays, users prefer Bluetooth headphones and speakers. So, a 3.5-headphone jack will become a matter of the past in the next couple of years. 

Oppo has already launched its smartphone with no headphone jack. Users can enjoy seamless headphone connectivity through their Bluetooth gadgets instead of using this smartphone. By 2025, most smartphones will not have any 3.5-mm port for wired headphone connectivity.

4) The Magic of Megapixel 

The crucial mega-pixel factor is likely to leave you stunned at the marvel of science and technology. Today, you can easily buy a smartphone worth 8MP to 64 MP. However, Mi Note 10’s last year launch with a premium 108-MP camera only increased users’ hope and expectations to an unprecedented level. Soon, you can buy a smartphone with a 576-MP integrated rear camera – well before 2025!

5) More Security

As mobile markets are getting flooded with more and more ultra sophisticated gadgets and hi-fi devices, the security layers are also being tightened from time to time. Fingerprint sensor, biometric data, and face unlock setting are some of the key features that will be available with all smartphones.

6) Flip Phones

Did you remember those gorgeous, glossy, and gracefulness of flip smartphones? They have almost become a thing of our glorious past – wait! Just like foldable handsets, even flip-designed smartphones are also bracing up for a big comeback by 2025. 

Motorola had already started working on its advanced flip handset following which other brands also initiated the same. Let’s see how customers respond to this new and exciting range of flip handsets anytime before 2025.

7) Integrated Sim (iSIM)

Spoiler alert! You don’t need a SIM to operate your smartphone anymore! If rumors are to be believed then we have already stepped into the mobile phone’s unimaginable future when you don’t need a SIM card to operate your phone. 

In 2019, big brands like iPhone, Google, and Motorola tested their some of high-notch devices with an embedded SIM card option. Come 2025, most smartphones will have an iSIM card slot attached to its chipset. How it will help users is a big question that brands have to answer in the days to come.

8) Stretchable Display Screen

Today, a smartphone is more like a multi-purpose gadget than a telecommunication device. We want to see images, movies, and play games on our devices. Most of us prefer bigger screens for that. 

Hold your breath! Soon, you will get stretchable display screens on your smartphones and other devices. Smartphones are gearing up for a big revolution in 2025. Yes, stretchable OLED and LCD screens look quite possible now! Engineers and scientists have already started working on it, and you might get a stretchable smartphone screen within three-four years from today.

9) Liquefied Keyboard

Your smartphone keyboard will look like something you may have never imagined. Microfluidics technology, an advanced software toolkit, will enable crystal clear keyboard impression using the available droplets of water in the environment for a glossy, clear, and perfect text. This feature is already available on iPad Mini and soon other devices will follow suit.  

10) Eco-Friendly Mobile Handsets

Finally, the dream of owning eco-friendly mobile handsets is likely to become true. With the imminent danger of climate change looming over us, researchers are working on developing environment-friendly smartphones with quality features. 

The sunlight-rechargeable smartphones will soon make its existence felt across the world. According to a research report, six minutes of sunlight can give 2-minutes of battery backup to such smartphones. The conscious citizens of the world who aim at sustainable development are impatiently waiting for this news to translate into reality.

The Last Word

The future of smartphones holds unlimited potential considering its ever-increasing essentiality from time to time. It is expected that the importance of smartphones will only grow more in the next few years. 

Apart from its communication, multimedia and photography purposes, futuristic smartphones can unlock smart-doors and automatic cars. Without smartphones, we simply can’t imagine our lives now, then, and forever.

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