How to write a Rap Song Lyrics


With the powerful evolution of hip-hop in today’s music scene, many people are learning to rap and want to know how to pen rap song lyrics. While there is no “correct” way, these five tips will help you write a better rap song.

  1. Find a Beat to Kindle You. Ever wonder how the pros start writing a rap song? Eight out of ten times, they begin by looking for beats to encourage them. They are trying to discover something that touches them to animate and inspire them to write. Everyone has a distinct taste in music, so find a beat you like. Find something that immediately grabs you and correlates to you.
  2. Choose a Primary Topic. Once you discover a beat that you want to use, start thinking of a theme that goes nicely with your chosen music. Remember to select a topic that relates to both YOU and the beat. If you chose an emotional-sounding, sad beat, pick a tragic and passionate subject and that you connect with. If you prefer a club-style beat, then select a topic that applies to the club scene. Listen to your beat, ask your consciousness what kind of impression you would like your rap songs to have on people, and vote on your main topic. Know that how you write rap song lyrics will significantly depend on your subject.
  3. Pen Your Hook. Many producers and rappers alike find it best practice to start a rap song by first writing the hook. Now that you have your beat and the central topic selected, you have an excellent foundation to commence writing your hook lyrics.
    To demonstrate how to write rap hooks, I’ve disclosed hook-writing down into a few steps that I have found very useful.
    a. Consider these points: Do you want the hook to be engaging? Do you want it to be profound and mysterious? Do you want to rap it out or sing it?
    b. Keep hearing the hook part of your beat. Get used to the beat and begin freestyling some views even if your words aren’t making sense, freestyle to the beat to discover different flows. Try and figure out what you relish.
    c. Now that you have some ideas running, start penning lyrics down. List down the words that you might want to include in the hook.
    d.Look at your list of words word as you hear the beat and begin freestyling some new ideas with these terms.
    e. Once you develop some healthy ideas, it may be a good idea to record them to see which one sounds the best quickly. Once you’ve concluded, we can move on with the lyrics!
  4. Start Penning the Verses. Now that the hook is completed, you have everything ready for the verses. So how do you write rap song stanzas?
    a.Start each verse off strong to develop an association with the listener right away. An excellent way to do this is to begin with a bold, controversial, catchy, or fun opening line.
    b.Now that you’ve got the listener’s consciousness to finish out your verses with content appropriate to your topic – Rhyme more than just the last word in each line when you could. Try to use varying flow structures throughout rather than just sticking to one the whole time.
    c. If you have writer’s block or any other issues, write out a list of rhyming words linked to your topic (use a thesaurus or dictionary if needed) and refer to this list to draw ideas.
    d. Just as you started strong, end the line lyrics strong as well! Make sure your development into the hook sleekly and end with a bang.
    e. Once you develop some healthy ideas, it may be a good idea to record them to see which one sounds the best quickly. Once you’ve concluded, we can move on with the lyrics! If you think you might need more lyric writing tips to boost your music, then consider going on a course or talking to other professionals.
  5. Application! Perhaps the most underrated part of rapping, apply! It’s one thing to understand how to write rap lyrics, but putting it into practice is something else. Once you have your lyrics written, practice it regularly until you know it by heart and repeat and recite it correctly with no flaws. This is necessary.

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