How to stop your puppy from biting


Puppies usually have a natural inclination to bite — this is primarily the problem when they are teething. If you own a puppy, it really is crucial that you know how to stop puppies from biting when they are still tiny, mainly because it will surely become an enormous problem when the dog gets older. Nip it in the bud soon!

Like any other dog training technique, stick to one well-known strategy and be harmonious with it while making sure that the rest of the family follows the same discipline techniques.

A whole lot of dog owners don’t realize they are, in reality, inspiring their dog to nip and bite at things, and if it is not addressed seriously, it will become a far-reaching problem as the puppy turns into a full-grown dog; not to mention that they may severely injure somebody if they bite them.
Actively playing tug-o-war and fighting with your dog, letting your dog bite or take tips at your fingers and hand – these actions truly inspire your puppy to believe that biting is playing and biting is ought to be done. It could evolve into dog aggression.

If you want to know how to stop puppies from biting, I would suggest the first thing you need to do is give up playing these kinds of games with your dog.

I have gathered a how to list that will guide you to understand how to stop puppies from biting:

As soon as the puppy bites you, firmly answer “NO” and take your finger or hand away and give the puppy a toy that it can chew on as a replacement. You can also make up a can or bottle with coins or rocks in and make a shaker to shake when the puppy bites. The loud noise will startle the puppy, and it will connect grinding with that loud noise he doesn’t like.

My favorite approach is to make it seem like the puppy is hurting you when they bite or nip your heels, fingers, hands, or anywhere else. This is a powerful method when trying to teach puppies that biting is wrong. When the puppy bites, yell, “OWW!” or make a loud yelping sound. Stop playing with the dog at once and ignore it for a short period. By doing this, you are telling the puppy that biting is wrong, and you won’t play with it if it is going to do this.

It is essential that you never punish your puppy with a punishment like hitting. Puppies may well see this as a play, and it will only make their biting worse, or the puppy will grow to be scared of you. Show your puppy lots of warmth when you are playing, and he doesn’t bite you; he needs to know that he’s entertained you. This will work well together with your preferred technique to stop your puppy.

The moment you realise the basic techniques on stopping puppies from biting, it will be easy to correct your dog’s biting habit, providing you stay steady and patient with your preferred approach.

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