How to Spend 4 Days in Siargao Island, Philippines – Travel Guide

Shaped like a tear, Siargao Island is one of the most eye-catching locations in all of southeast Asia. Perched in the middle of the Philippine Sea, it is not far from the city of Tacloban and ranks as one of the most famous places for local and international tourists alike.

From Sugba Lagoon to its outstanding resorts, cafes, and restaurants, Siargao is truly paradise on earth. Tourists particularly love its clean beaches with snow-white sands, strings of reefs, and majestic coastline. 

4-Day Itinerary

Now that you have arrived at the heavenly Siargao Island, you are wondering how you are going to explore this vast island. This four-day itinerary is going to be the only guide you need. So, are you ready to plunge into this pool of fun and excitement? Let’s go! 


Morning – Relaxation and Surfing Time

If you land in the first half of the day, start your vacation by relaxing on the fine sands of the beaches that litter Siargao. You can also take time to walk through General Luna, the principal place of congregation for tourists in Siargao. 

If you are an amateur, here is your chance to become outstanding at surfing. Amateurs can begin their surfing classes at the well-known Jacking Horse. For those who can surf very well, just follow the direction of locals on the best places for surfing. 

Afternoon and Evening – Private Beaching and Eating

One major advantage of Siargao Island is that it is a place where you can enjoy your privacy to the fullest. There are so many empty beaches on the island and you will easily find one that you can have to yourself and your lover. Once you locate a beach, try out delicious Filipino food at any of the restaurants around while chatting with the locals. 


Now we are on your second day and the time has come for you to do a proper exploration of the vast seas around you and the islands that dot the stunningly beautiful coastline of Siargao. The islands here are some of the most enchanting and beautiful that you are going to see. From the bluest waters to the whitest beaches, charming marine animals to even jellyfish without stings, this place is heaven on earth! 

Morning – Cover Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands!

 Start your island hopping moves to cover the three most famous islands of Guyam, Daku, and Naked. These islands are about half an hour from Siargao. These islets are perfect for swimming, lounging on the beach sand, or playing amazing beach volleyball. You can expect to be served lunch if you go with regular tour agencies. The time for departure is eight o’clock in the morning and you will be back by four o’clock in the afternoon. Each person will spend about 1000 pesos but that includes your lunch and as much alcohol as you want. 

Afternoon and Evening: Explore the Timeless Sohoton Cove

If you want to make the best of your day, branch by the Sohoton Cove which is just a few hours from Siargao if you go by boat. Here, you can swim with the legendary stingless jellyfish, across the caves the glow, and even jump off the tiny cliffs. 

It is here that you are going to see some of the bluest lagoons in the world and landscapes that are so beautiful you can be moved to tears. This place is worth exploring and nothing should stop you from doing so – put it on your list now! 


On your third day, the focus will be on doing an exploration of Siargao Island by land. You will need to patronize the scooter rentals and pay a few hundred pesos for the day. If you have a lot more to shell out, then you can rent a motorbike instead. 

Morning – Feed Your Eyes at the Magpupungko Rock Pools

This is going to be the most exciting part of your land tour. Check the levels of the tides because you can only see the pools when there is a low tide. Get to the location one hour ahead of the time the low tide will appear so you can to soak in the full enjoyment. Swimming and doing cliff jumps into these glistening tide pools will be unforgettable memories for you! 

Afternoon and Evening – Biking and Local Refreshments

With your scooter or bike, ride all over the locality and while you are doing so, try out even more Filipino dishes like the seafood mix with coconut water or local rum! If you are wondering where to eat, try out any of these restaurants: Bravo, Kayawan Gourmand, Kermit, and Ono Poke.


Morning to Evening – Touring the Lagoon

This is your final day at Siargao Island so it has to be grand indeed. Head for the calm and glorious Sugba Lagoon and spend the day enjoying all kinds of water activities. Boats depart from Del Carmen so it is good you get there on time. 

By boat, you are going to get to Sugba Lagoon in just thirty minutes. Once you are there, you are practically the unrestrained lord of the lagoons. From diving to kayaking to jumping, everything is yours. If you are not sure of which water sports to engage in, see below. 

Surfing and Water Sports on Siargao Island


Your trip to Siargao cannot be complete without engaging in surfing and many of the water sports on the island. For those who do not know, Siargao Island is called the ‘Surfing Capital of the Philippines’ and this is not a mean achievement at all. 

For lovers of surfing, there is an amazing Cloud 9 for you. Cloud 9 is a beloved surfing sports location not just in Siargao but one that is known all over the Philippines. This location is known for its thick and hollow ‘tubes’ or massive waves that can make any surfer giggle with excitement. The place has a local and global surfing competition so you can be sure to have a lot of fun and engage in exciting activities at Cloud 9.

Cliff Diving

Join other enthusiasts from different parts of the globe and engage in cliff diving in various parts of the island. Sugba Lagoon is a very popular spot for cliff divers. Do not engage in cliff diving unless you have the required skills and gear to pull off the stunts. 

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