How To Make Your Winter Instagram Pop With Inflatable Sled

When the cold winter weather sweeps in, potentially keeping us, all cooped up inside our homes to avoid the frost-biting winds, finding opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors is a fun way to avoid cabin fever. Domestic social distancing can make you long for some activities that can pull you off of the couch and out the door into some safe and soothing natural surroundings.

Socializing outside with family friends, brings up another form of being social… social media. It is impossible for us to spread our time equally across every single person that we know and enjoy. But with the help of the digital visual aid ‘Instagram,’ we can share personal pictures of precious moments. If you are looking for answers on how to make your winter Instagram pop, you’re your inflatable sled; you have come to the right place.

Choose Your Inflatable Sled Wisely

Step one is to purchase the inflatable sled that is both durable and totally stylish to make the most of your winter wonderland pictures. Look for something that has exciting colors that will really stand out from the pale white snow that your sled will be gliding on. With the light grey sky above you, having some bold blue or some radiant red on your inflatable sled will make for an eye-catching image.

Make sure that your inflatable sled can carry your body weight or that of whoever will be riding it. Having a reinforced rubber base helps to ensure that the sled is durable enough to help ensure that you have an injury-free sledding experience.

Beautiful Landscapes

Think about all the interesting things that draw your attention to an Instagram image online. Sure, you can go sledding at any old dirt hill that happens to be covered with enough snow to be slippery. But a better chance at making your winter Instagram inflatable sled adventures really stand out is by choosing to go to a sledding location that is surrounded by gorgeous trees, elements of nature, and an enthralling landscape to have in the background of your pictures.

For your pictures to catch people’s attention, it isn’t just about seeing someone in forward motion on an inflatable sled. Observers will want to get a view of this amazing area that you have chosen to spend the afternoon at, totally wishing that they were there too.

Winter Wardrobe

When you and whoever you will be sledding with are cruising down that snowy hill, own that moment with an awesome outfit. Put on that winter coat that has the furry hood, that neon-colored parka, or that sleek, shiny puffer coat. Show off your favorite boots, hat, gloves, and scarf, and make the most of that photographic display on your Instagram profile.

Multiple Angles

Here some solid advice for whoever will be taking the pictures that you will be uploading to Instagram while you are using your inflatable sled, capture the action from many angles. Get pictures from different sides, and even from the front with the sled coming towards the camera… if this can happen safely, of course.

Before the sled is even in the shot, pick a position that will give you some stimulating scenery in the background, especially if the sun is setting. Don’t forget to get a variety of facial experiences, from silly to excited to add some personality to these Instagram sledding pictures.

Buy your new inflatable sled. Research the ultimate sledding spots in your region. Get that warm outfit together that gets you the most compliments, then let you or whoever will be playing photographer have a blast by capturing the excitement of sledding from intriguing angles. 

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