How to Make Sand Art with Salt


We all love mesmerizing artwork. There is sand art with salt, and practically anyone can take part in this creative activity. Adults can do it, and teachers can keep their students busy in the art class with it. 

Sand art with salt is not just easy to do, it also offers spectacular designs at the cheapest rate. Now it is time for you to try out your creativity skills – and get your hands dirty with a lot of fun! 

Items You Need for Sand Art with Salt

You need the following items for your sand art with salt:

  • Salt 
  • Food coloring (some people use colored chalk instead)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Measuring cup
  • Sealable plastic bags (also called Ziploc packs)

You may also need the following, but that will depend on the type of decoration you want to do: 

  • Paintbrush and craft glue
  • Decorative jar
  • Paper
  • Plastic funnel
  • Votive candles
  • Grater (for the votive candles)

Steps for Making Sand Art with Salt

  1. Put the salt in the bags. One cup per bag is a right measurement, but you can use as much salt as you need for your crafting purposes. You are also free to use as many sealable plastic bags as you desire. 
  2. Add the food coloring to the salt inside the bag. Try your best to make sure that you spread the color evenly within the salt. A total of about 50 drops per bag is good enough. You can move to the next step once the drops have been added to the bags. Now is the stage to make use of the votive candles if you decide to use them. (You can only make use of the votive candles after you have shredded them using the grater)
  3. Seal and shake the bags. Make sure that you stop intermittently to use your hands to squeeze the bags. This allows for even spreading of the dye all over the bags containing the salt. Continue this process until all of the salt bags have been evenly coated with the food coloring. 
  4. Let your salt mix dry. Open up each of the bags then allow them to sit until all is dry in a cool place. It can take several hours for all the bags to dry properly, so you will need to exercise some patience. You will know that the mix has dried perfectly when it feels like dry sand instead of wet sand. You can feel it from time to time with your fingers to ensure that it is dry enough. Now you have your bags of colored salt sand, and you can do so many things with them. 

Applications of Salt Sand in Art

There are many creative things you can do with the dry salt sandbags now that you have them. If you do not want your hands stained by the food coloring while working on them, you can use rubber gloves. Here are some excellent examples of DIY tasks you can try: 

3D Paint-By-Number 

Start by printing out a number map on paper, then use the craft glue and paintbrush to create a sticky base layer. Pinch some of the salt sand and then sprinkle over the glue. Put as much as possible until all areas have been covered. Shake off the extra salt sand, and do not worry much about the distribution as it will come out nicely at the end of it all. 

Sand Art Display

Get any decorative container like a glass jar. Use the funnel and pour your salt sand into the box so that it runs entirely in it. Repeat this process with the other colors and do all of them layer by layer. You can stick to a thickness dimension of about one centimeter between each layer and the next. 

When you are done, pack the sand as tightly as possible inside the jar before adding a lid or a cover at the top. Once you are done, you can place it on a table or in a location that will remind you of the beach at all times. You can even add a nice flair to it by writing your name on the jar or putting some designs on it. It will take you just a matter of minutes to get the sand salt art display done, so try out your creative skills today. 

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