How To Know If You Are Dealing With Vitamin Deficiency


Our daily lifestyle has given us very little time to get ourselves tested for vitamins, protein and other essential nutrients in our body. All we care about is our outer physical appearance. Women in general have mostly complained of low vitamin levels and deficiencies in their body. Today, this article will talk about some of the common symptoms related to vitamin deficiency in your body and how you can know about it. If you are having any diet and nutrition related problems, you should consult a certified nutritionist for the right prescription.

Let’s us have a detailed look at each and every symptom that comes with vitamin deficiency :

  • Cracked Corners Of The Mouth

If you are having mouth ulcers very often or cracking at the corners of your mouth, it is probably due to lack of vitamin B. You are suggested to increase your intake of iron, riboflavin, pyridoxine etc and tackle the problem in a healthy way. Make sure you are consuming a well balanced and healthy diet so that your body is well nourished and kept healthy.

  • Brittle Hair & Nails

There are many factors that can contribute to brittleness of nails and thinning of hair. However one of the most common one is lack of biotin. Vitamin B capsules nourish your hair, nails and skin. Pregnant women, smokers, drinkers are seen to have a deficiency of biotin.

  • Poor Night Vision

If you are having trouble with your night vision this is probably due to the lack of vitamin A. Low intake of vitamin A can often lead to conditions such as night blindness in which the person has poor vision in low light or at dark places. Well, all you need to do is talk to your nutritionist for the best vitamin A capsules. Vitamin A Capsules are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to fight the deficiency of the same in your body. Make sure you do your research and buy the best vitamin A tablets for a healthier you.

  • Hair Loss

Receding hairlines and hairfall is one of the most commonly experienced problems mainly due to lack of vitamins and unhealthy lifestyle. Hair Loss can be controlled with a good consumption of biotin, niacin, iron, zinc, iron etc. Take a balanced diet with all things in proper proportions for you to stay healthy both from inside and out.

  • Restless leg syndrome

If you are having trouble sleeping at night and start fidgeting and get irritation in your foot, you are probably dealing with Restless leg syndrome(RLS) also called Willis Ekbom disease. The reason for the same could be a lack of intake of iron in your daily routine. These are a few symptoms that can help you diagnose if you are dealing with vitamin deficiency or not. We would suggest you not to ignore any of these and get your vitamin levels tested as soon as possible. We hope this article will help you understand your symptoms closely so that you can take proper measures at the right time.

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