How to Get Rid of Field Mice: 10 Effective Methods


Rats and mice spread over 35 diseases worldwide either through feces, urine, or bites.

Because of this, you must take immediate action when you notice rodents around your property to protect your home and health. Not sure how to get rid of field mice? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Here are 10 ways to do this.

1. Block Entry Points

If you’re unsure how to get rid of field mice naturally, block entry points so you can prevent a rodent infestation. Evaluate your home for points of entry and be mindful of the gap’s size as rodents can squeeze through them easily.

To gauge whether it’s a viable entry point, slip a pencil into the opening and if it fits then a mouse can get enter your home. Also seal cracks in your foundation, especially near pipes or vents, and avoid laying down plastic, rubber, and wood as mice can gnaw through it.

Pro tip: place steel wool into cracks you can’t repair so rodents can’t get through it.

2. Lay Down Mouse Traps

Want to know how to get rid of field mice fast?

Use wooden snap traps as they reduce moderate-sized rodent populations. But lay down as many as possible because you may have more mice than you expect. You should also experiment with a range of traps like bait and glue traps to increase your chances of catching all the field mice.

It’s important to know where to place the traps. Mice travel along the walls so lay down traps at a right angle with the trigger side next to the wall. Set these down every three-feet where you think there’s a higher concentration of mice activity.

Aim to lay these down inside cabinets or underneath furniture and appliances. And remember to wear protective gloves as it’ll hide your scent from the field mice. Once done, look in the mouse traps the next morning and because mice reproduce quickly, do this over the week in case you’ve missed any.

3. Choose the Perfect Bait

Not sure how to get rid of field mice in your house?

Choose mice-friendly bait like chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, or dried fruit. Once you’ve set up the baited trap, tie it to the trigger with dental floss so the rodent doesn’t escape with the bait. Always replace fresh bait every two days and if it’s not working then consider using colorful feathers.

4. Place Bait Stations

If you’re unsure how to get rid of baby field mice, create bait stations so they no longer infest your home. Along with your bait traps, lay down bait stations which are sealed packets that contain rodent-friendly bait along with a pellet.

Cover the package in plastic or cellophane so the mice can chew through it, consume the bait, and die. To ensure your family’s safety, call a professional as they know how to handle it properly.

5. Practice Good Sanitation

Although this doesn’t necessarily eliminate the entire rodent population, it’s an important preventative measure. It’s important to note mice can survive on three grams of food per day so all they need are crumbs.

That’s why you must regularly vacuum your floors, wipe down counters, and store food in airtight containers so they can’t chew through it.

6. Consider Your Home’s Exterior

Don’t know how to get rid of field mice outside?

Make sure there’s no debris around your home’s exterior as mice can bury and hide there. You must also remove weeds or overgrown areas so they don’t build nests, especially around your foundation. It’s wise to line your home’s exterior with heavy gravel so they can’t live there.

7. Introduce Cats

If you’re a pet lover, consider getting a cat so it can hunt down mice. Even dogs love getting in on the fun! This method is especially effective if you live on a farm as many farmers use barn cats to deal with their mice population.

8. Consider Pellet Bait

You should also consider pellet bait because once the mice eat it, they go back to their nest, and die. A major advantage is you don’t have to deal with a live or dead rodent in the trap but you must know where they nest so their bodies don’t stink up your house.

Further, make sure your pets don’t consume the pellet bait as it could seriously harm them.

9. Find Their Daily Patterns

It’s important to note that field mice are most active between dusk and dawn. Mice move along walls so see if there are mice droppings and if there are, you can track the direction they’re heading in.

Plus, field mice can chew through drywall and create holes of up to 2-inches in width so check the corners of every room for these. Don’t forget to look behind your furniture or sheltered spots near constant warmth like an oven as they often build nests there.

10. Call the Professionals

The most effective and safest way to handle field mice is by calling professional pest control services. They have the expertise and equipment to know how to deal with a rodent infestation so both you and your family are safe. Check here for more details:

That’s How to Get Rid of Field Mice

Now you know how to get rid of field mice so you can enjoy your home once again.

It’s important to keep a clean home, block any entryways, and know where to lay down mice traps so you combat the problem. Don’t forget to rodent-proof your home’s exterior and get a cat so they can handle the rodent population. But, the most effective option is to hire professionals as they can make sure your home is completely rodent-free. Good luck!

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