How to Fix Slow Streaming Video Problems


It can be very frustrating to face buffering problems when all you want to do is just stream some videos for pleasure or your work. If one does not know what to do in such scenarios, it can be genuinely stressful and unpleasant. Some steps can be taken to resolve this issue. 

There are many causes for slow streaming of videos. It can be due to Internet speed, features of the streaming device you are using, Wi-Fi status or even the streaming service you are using. Since there are many types of causes, the solutions too are multidimensional. Here are steps that can be taken whenever you run into video streaming problems:

Restart the System

If your systems work perfectly but you find it problematic to stream videos, you can simply restart your systems. If you want to get a good result with this, you will have to restart the streaming device and the router and modem. 

You can also take a step further by uninstalling and doing a fresh installation of the application giving you problems. This often sorts the situation but if that does not work, read on. 

Check the Internet Speed

The rate of streaming is directly proportional to the speed of the Internet. In many instances, people have issues with streaming because there is a problem with their Internet speed. Hence, one of the first things to check and sort is Internet speed. 

Having an Internet speed of a range of 15 Mbps to 30 Mbps is usually sufficient to meet your needs. You can check the Internet speed directly online. In a condition where you are not getting the required speeds, call your service provider and upgrade. You may also think of cord-cutting as an alternative. 

Change the Streaming Service 

Before the running of connection tests, you should attempt streaming from another platform to know if the problem remains or not. If the new platform allows you to stream properly, then you know that it is the old one that has an issue. 

You can choose to use the new one temporarily or change your streaming service entirely. You can also reach out to the streaming service that is giving you issues so that they can fix it for you. If they cannot solve your problems, you can proceed to make use of another streaming service entirely. 

Assess the Connection Speed of the Streaming Device

You can do this by quickly running a speed test on your streaming device to ensure no connection problems. You can do this by following the guidelines on the device that you are utilizing. You should run the speed test two or three times to be sure of getting the most excellent results. 

Check the Speed of Connection of the Modem in Use

You have to be sure that the reduction in connectivity is not from the Internet modem, even before assessing the Wi-Fi connection router. It is possible that the modem is apart from the wireless router but there will be a cable that links to it from the wall. All is not lost for those who have a modem and router as one piece or using a router from the service provider. 

Locate the Ethernet cable that links the modem with the router so that you can test the connection. Please remove it from the router, then connect to the desktop computer or laptop. It is also recommended to connect the cable with the streaming device if there is a jack for Ethernet cable. If not, you may need to contact your service provider to help you test the modem connection. 

Proceed to restart the modem and watch as the computer hooks up the Internet. Use the Google search engine for a speed test. The output should be a minimum of 15 Mbps for good downloads or streaming. If it is lower than this, reach out to your service provider immediately so they can sort this for you – you must take this step. Make sure that you carry out the modem test first so you do not end up accusing your service provider wrongly. 

Assess the Connection Speed of the Wi-Fi Router

If the modem connection speeds are on point but you are still unable to stream properly, then the wireless router may be the problem. You have to assess the connection, do a speed test on your computer or phone at a distance of about 30 centimeters from your streaming device. You can also make use of Google to execute this. You should record a minimum of 10 Mbps for an excellent streaming experience. 

Purchase a New Streaming Device 

You may have to go for a new streaming device if all the steps you have taken do not yield any results. If there are no issues with specific streaming services, connectivity or Internet speeds, then you have a good reason to get a new streaming device for yourself. 

Several brands like Apple, Roku, Fire, Chromecast are the options you can select from. You should only think of spending on a new streaming device if you have isolated other possible factors. 


It is normal for one to experience some glitches once in a while when streaming videos online. The truth is that the matter has several possible techniques that can be applied as solutions. Each of these steps has been outlined in the piece above, and by making use of them, one can stop worrying about slow streaming issues. 

You may also need to use a combination of the tips provided above. But in some other instances, a single tip may be enough to solve the problem and you will be able to stream your videos without any issues or buffering issues. 

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