How to Find a Reliable Home Contractor

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There are exterior renovation projects that make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, attractive, and valuable. A home with good curb appeal sells faster and for more money. As people stay home more and notice imperfections in their homes, home improvements are gaining popularity. If the home is older, it may need better insulation, more energy-efficient windows, new patio doors, and better roofing. How does that siding look?? Siding may be able to be improved with a coat of paint or may need to be replaced.

Inspect the House to Choose Exterior Projects

People in many parts of the Eastern and Midwestern areas of the United States can rely on Erie Construction experts in local offices to improve their homes with exterior construction projects such as new roofs, windows, entries, garages, patio or sliding doors, and roofs. In addition, improving the whole home landscape, adding patios, paths, new trees, and gardens will improve the usability of the whole property and give family members more space to enjoy.

So, take a walk around your property alone or with an exterior renovation contractor and note which things need replacing or repair and what home additions or landscape improvements will give the family the most value. Do the children need a safer play area? Would exterior entertainment areas be used? What shape are the windows, doors, roof, and siding in? Does the house have a functioning gutter system with adequate drainage?

Develop a Budget and Look for Financing

Once the tour is done, and the to-do list is completed, talk to the appropriate exterior improvement contractors about what each project will cost. Decide on a realistic budget and check on financing for the work. Some people take out home improvement loans and others refinance the home to get the home equity money to finance the improvements. Other homeowners have been saving money for these projects and have finances available for at least part of the needed improvements. Some contractors have financing available with reasonable payment plans.

Once the homeowner knows how much each project will cost, it is time to prioritize the work. The most beneficial or needed projects should come first. The other projects can then be planned for the future as money is available. Sometimes, an exterior contractor will give a big discount to homeowners who agree to have several home improvement projects done at the same time. This might be a pairing of replacement windows and new siding or new roofing and a gutter system.

Exterior Improvement Projects Worth considering

There are projects that should move to the top of the list if they need doing.

1. Roof replacements. If a roof is leaking or over 10 years old, it should be inspected, repaired as needed, or replaced if repairs will cost nearly as much as replacing the roof. The roof is a home’s first line of defense against the elements, storms, and hot or cold temperatures. No one wants a leaking roof that causes water damage to the interior of the home. New roofs add curb appeal and value to a home. It is one improvement project that homeowners can recoup up to 107% of the project cost.

2. New doors add value and convenience to the home. Garage doors, entry doors, and sliding or patio doors can be inconvenient and irritating to open and close if they are damaged, ill fitting, or just worn out. Replacing them makes the home look better and improves home security and convenience. Those new doors may come with more convenient locking and security devices.

3. Replacing old, drafty, or damaged windows with new, energy-efficient windows provides a 71% return on investment and also improves the comfort of the home. New windows will pay for themselves over time with savings on energy bills. New windows are more convenient to clean, open, and close. New windows make the whole house look new.

4. New siding can also have a great return on investment. A homeowner with a limited budget can focus efforts on the front of the house. The sides and back might get repairs as needed or as the funds become available. The best solution is to replace all the siding at the same time so it all matches. This is the time to consider adding more insulation.

5. Adding a patio or a deck increases the livable space for family members and adds entertainment space during warm months. Patios and decks can be made of many materials and in any size the homeowner wants. The best advice is to make the patio large enough to meet family needs. If the deck or patio is too small, it is a wasted investment. Find professionals to install a customized deck to really get the most from your space.

6. Clean up the home’s landscaping and remove dead bushes and trees. Now, add a few new trees or shrubs and take steps to improve the grass. Adding a fence for privacy and security is also a good option. An attractive, well-maintained landscape adds value to a home when it is time to sell. More importantly, it adds usable space for family enjoyment.

The important thing to remember when considering improving the home with renovations and home improvement projects is hiring a good exterior renovation contractor. Use only quality materials, and prioritize the improvements to get the most value from each project. This may involve starting at the top and going down in al older home with multiple issues.

The roof is top priority because it protects everything else. Then, faulty, leaky windows and doors should be addressed for home comfort and energy savings. Siding can be replaced with better, more energy-efficient products to cut heating and cooling costs and to add beauty and value to the home.

When the house itself is in top condition, address the landscaping to showcase the newly renovated home and to add safe, attractive living and entertainment space for the whole family. It is not necessary to hire contractors to do everything, but they need to do the major replacement jobs. Cleaning siding and roofs with a gentle power sprayer can add more years to the lifespans of siding and roofs. Taking the time and effort to clean up the yard and driveway area can yield big results without a lot of costs. Cleaning an existing deck or patio floor and repairing it as needed can make the space more attractive and usable. Adding new planters by the front door is another homeowner project worth doing. If the doors are in good shape, but showing wear, consider a new coat of paint. Small changes can yield big results.

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