How to Cut and Paint Your Toenails When Pregnant


Pregnancy is a fascinating condition because the things you used to do without stress become complicated or hectic. A good example is cutting and painting your toenails. As the pregnancy progresses and the belly bulges, it becomes a lot harder for you to get to your nails, and pain is even involved. 

Taking Care of your Toenails

Fortunately, there are useful tips that you can employ in carving and painting your nails, even if you are plus size. Yes, you can remain fashionable and trendy, even with a growing human in you. 

Here are some of the tips that will help you in achieving these goals

  • Do a squat on the floor in such a manner that your knees are brought up on the sides of your belly. This is going to allow for easy access to your toes. 
  • Try as much as possible to do squats frequently. This is because it helps strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and increases the overall flexibility of the body in pregnancy. You will find it easier to move. 
  • Get a toilet seat or a low stool, and put your feet on it. 
  • With your legs crossed in a way that it can reach the two feet at an angle, adopt a sitting position. 
  • Get a pair of nail cutters or clippers, but the one with a swivel head so that you can get maximum movement with it. You can craft a customized toenail clipper with elongated handles. 
  • Get your lover or spouse to assist you with your toenails; you do not need to stress yourself at all. 

A few suggestions before you start with the steps mentioned above:

  1. Make for Good Space: The same way you will clear your counter before you cook, clear the area you want to sit, and start. Remove things that can cut you or objects that constitute obstacles. Let there be a mirror in place to assist you in seeing your toes well. 
  2. Relax: Before your pregnancy, you could do all these things without batting an eye, but now it will be stressful for you. Relax and breathe in, let out all the stress. 
  3. Get Some Tape:  By putting a tape between your skin and nail, there will be no need to get the toes removed, repainted, or smudged. 
  4. Accept Imperfection: Since you are handling your nails from an awkward position, accept the reality that it may not turn out as perfect as it was when you were not pregnant. Knowing this will go a long way in preparing your mind to appreciate whatever outcome you come up with.
  5. Go For It: Now that you have balanced yourself in a good position, go for the cutting first and then attempt the coating once you are done with the cutting. Be as careful as possible, so you do not end up cutting yourself. You surely will not want your feet to be in piercing pain alongside your pregnancy. It will take you longer than usual, but it is what it is – the pregnancy changes everything, so you have to live with that reality. If some mistakes are made along the way, do not fret over it; just make sure you do not cut yourself in any way.
  6. Feel Free to Call for Help:  Yes, it is a good thing for you to get it done yourself, but you should not be reluctant to call for help or any form of assistance that may be necessary. If you are in your third trimester, you will surely need some help, but if you are in the first trimester, you are usually good to go. 


Some women decide to do it when bathing as they can assume a comfortable position in the bathtub in some other conventional measures. Some others simply sit on the sofa or couch, and with their feet placed on the table, they start pampering your toenails. As you can see, pregnancy comes with its limitations, but with some tips outlined here, you can still take care of your toenails even when you are heavy. 

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