How to Clone Your Favorite Customers?


Think about your favorite customers. Don’t you wish you could clone them? Well you can, at least sort of. Read this article to explore what you can do to get many more customers, just like the ones you like best.

When the going gets rough and the market makes people hold on to their wallets with an act of revenge, many leaders try to broaden their appeal. It seems reasonable — the more people they target, the more likely they ought to be to find new clients and customers.

Well, it doesn’t work that way. Instead, it would help if you focused on what you do best. And usually, you’ll find the key to what that would be by checking in with your favorite customer. Instead of striving for a more expansive target audience, aim for a much more narrowly targeted one (also called iche).

One of the best ways to progress more is to copy the success you have.

Follow this three-step rule (which includes 12 essential questions you must ask), and you’ll be on your way to get lots of customers just like your favorites:

Step 1: Analyze your customers

Please write down the names of your three most favorite or best customers – the ones you do your best work with. Ask yourself what makes them unique and write down your answers.

  1. What do you find good about them?
  2. Who are they? Gender, age, demographics, etc.
  3. What makes them separate from the customers you don’t like so much?
  4. What kind of goods or services do they buy from you?
  5. How did they find you? Or Where did you find them?

Step 2: Talk to them

Ask them the subsequent questions, listen to their responses and take extensive notes

  1. What do they love about you?
  2. Why do they continue to use your product or service and keep coming back?
  3. How have your services or products impacted them?
  4. Where did (or do) they look for the kinds of services or goods that you provide?
  5. Where do they “hang out” online?
  6. What types of websites and approaches appeal to them?
  7. What types of special offers would they find compelling?

Step 3. Do more of what they like

Once you have answered the questions above, do more things that brought them in the first place and that are expected to attract others similar to them:

  • Explore their favorite sites and join them there.
  • Rewrite your marketing emails/communication draft and networking introduction using some of their answers from the two steps above.
  • Twitch your offerings to cater especially to others like them.
  • Target your promotions or advertising in the same way.
  • Redefine yourself and your goods or services in a way that makes you ideal for them.

And finally, please do more than just spending three minutes reading this – take out time to write, think, connect with your favored clients and do the work! Before you know it, you’ll bring more people just like your favorites, and your leadership journey will be more prosperous than you had ever thought possible.

We at NYK Daily, wish you the best in all your future endeavours. 

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