How Floyd “Timeless” Thomas’s Gift For Music Has Shaped His Journey As an Entrepreneur

Growing up, Floyd “Timeless” Thomas was constantly inspired by his mother. Being a single mother of 7 children, she worked her tail off to be able to provide for Floyd and his siblings. In the meantime, she took a cleaning business in Indiana from the ground to a multi six figure business all while being there to support her children. Seeing this, Floyd was always reminded of what a rock solid mindset and a relentless work ethic can do. Regardless of where you start, Floyd quickly understood that he would be in control of where he ends up.

Growing up with this inspiration from his mother, he knew that he had to capitalize on his special gift he had been blessed with in music. Since the age of 2, Thomas had been playing drums and piano and was constantly immersed in music. By the time he was set to graduate high school, he even had a handful of full music scholarships to major universities near his hometown in South Bend, Indiana. 

Knowing he was destined for something greater, he denied all of the offers in favor of a deal with renowned record label, Pjam. After spending time touring with them and starting his own record label A10 Records, Thomas soon became a force in the industry. Before long, his label had 9 artists at a time of all genres and he had become a billboard charted producer, writer or arranger 35 times. 

With all of his success, he was soon approached by a company looking to invest in his story. The company promised to promote his brand as a “multi-millionaire, because of all that you own and are perceived to have.” Being that he was not a millionaire at the time and Thomas valued the truth and keeping it real with his audience to provide value, he respectfully decline the offer. Instead, he started a movement called “Mogul In Process”, and is currently filming a docu-series that will highlight his triumphs and failures on his journey of becoming a mogul in the music industry. 

Thomas has taken it upon himself to provide opportunities for others through his work, and has since given dozens of people jobs under his brands and labels. This has been true for people close to him as well, as he has lent a hand to people he grew up with and has been close with to help them find a better life for themselves. 

Floyd has discovered a lot about credit and investing in the process, and has utilized credit to fund his ventures ever since he has been in business so he doesn’t owe anybody any money. Although he has made some poor investments along the way, he has learned from his mistakes to create several streams of passive income by investing in real estate, HVAC, and parking lot paving companies. Floyd Thomas has always had a passion for music, and he has spent all of his adult life turning his dreams in the industry into a reality.

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