Helpful Tips to Improve Email Security


Today, hackers are more prevalent than ever before. There are more and more news headlines popping up about hacks, stolen data, and other issues.

While there is no 100% foolproof way for someone to ensure their information is completely safe and secure, there are some things they can do to stay out of harm’s way. Many of the steps found below are even completely free.

Those who are trying to protect their email accounts can find details at There are other tips listed here, as well.

Use a Secure Password

Most people use extremely weak passwords. Everyone needs passwords that are not so-called pushovers. To be considered a “good” password, it should be a minimum of 10 characters long and use both upper and lowercase letters. The password should also have at least one unique character and one number.

Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS)

TLS and SSL are alike. When used for sending an email, both result in the emails being sent securely between the sender’s computer and the SMTP service. With most companies that offer email service protection, emails are properly encrypted (this method uses the latest version of TLS) between itself and the recipient’s mail server. With this step in the process, it requires the mail server to support TLS or SSL fully.

Install Quality Antivirus Software on All Connected Computers

This is one recommendation that will be beneficial for email security. However, it is also helpful for security for everything else on the computer. There is an array of options available, and many are very low cost.

Use Caution When Opening Attachments

If it is possible, it is smart to carefully scan any email that has an attachment before opening it. This is especially important if the email comes from someone the receiver does not know. Most malware or viruses will infect computers through email attachments.

Use an Encryption Service

It is absolutely necessary to use some type of encryption service for today’s cybersecurity landscape. There are several encryption options, but data-centric seems less risky than other methods, such as point-to-point encryption.

If data-centric encryption is used for email security, it means that a person no longer depends on an array of random servers for protection. Even if a hacker happens to intercept it, they will not be able to read the email. This protection does not make a breach impossible as a hacker may be able to use malware for spying on the data while the recipient accesses it, for example. Still, it will help to reduce the potential of a successful attack.

Use Different Email Account

A person should think of their email account as the initial domino in a line of hundreds of other dominos. If the initial domino falls over and is compromised, the rest of them will fall, too. To help reduce the risk of dealing with hundreds of falling dominos when an account is hacked, it is smart to use different accounts for different purposes.

For example, one account should be exclusively for all notifications from social media accounts and websites, with another for networking and sales, and another for financial information. While this may make things somewhat more difficult on the user’s end, it reduces the likelihood of any negative issues occurring.

Be Smart

Try to avoid doing anything with email accounts that seem suspicious or risky. Be sure that no one else knows the password to the account, and always log out when done or when the email is not in use. Also, as mentioned above, do not ever click on a link from an unknown person.

Use Two-Tier Authentication

While this may sound technical, using two-tier authentication is actually a straightforward method that is effective. Even better, this is guaranteed to provide an additional layer of protection to emails. In some cases, there are options within an email system that allow a user to add this service. It is also possible to download custom software or to use another cloud email provider if two-tier authentication in the system being used is not available.

While the concept may seem simple, it is an effective method to prevent data loss. Also, it makes life more difficult for hackers and anyone who is trying to get a view of someone else’s email.

Even if someone manages to retrieve or guess the passwords to the email account, with two-tier authentication in place, it means the person still has to get a code to get the messages and cause any problems. The code is typically sent to a user’s phone through a text message. Do not have the code sent to the computer being used, since someone may be watching.

According to many experts, using two-tier authentication is an effective way to protect a web application or social media from a data breach. It is also an effective method of protection for virtually any cloud storage service in use.

Never Allow Employees to Use a Company Email Address for Private Messages

It is important to reduce the likelihood that a hacker will target a business’s email system. One way to do this is by implementing advanced endpoint security solutions and make sure that strictly work-related messages are coming to business computers.

Also, make sure to discourage employees from using any company communication system to shop online, speak with friends, or do anything else that does not relate to their role at the business. Sometimes, this could attract cybercriminals and other nefarious individuals. It is not unusual for businesses to put these measures in place. It is a protection method.

Securing All Email Communication When it comes to securing email communications, there are several steps that need to be taken. The information here will provide all the insight needed to ensure that the desired results are achieved. If necessary, work with a third-party service provider to ensure the desired results are achieved. Being informed is the best way to take the right security steps.

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