Have Success Looking for Butcher Paper for Different Projects

Butcher paper has a lot of uses in cooking, storing things, and making crafts. Look for butcher paper made in the United States with virgin pulp and no added wax or chemical coatings. Butcher paper can be strong and safe to use for smoking meats and other food preparation jobs. It can also be used for safe storage of foods and other items. Look for food-grade butcher paper for cooking projects. Butcher paper comes in white, brown, peach, and pink colors.

What is Butcher Paper?

Why is butcher paper different than some other papers? Butcher paper is a type of paper designed to be used for wrapping meat, food, and other purposes. This is a high-quality paper made of virgin pulp without harmful additives or chemical coatings. It is approved by the FDA for use in the food industry. When looking for butcher paper consider the different varieties and go for top-quality paper. Butcher paper can be ordered online from companies such as Brylco goods.

Butcher paper comes in different colors for different uses. It usually is sold in rolls of 18 inches or 24 inches wide by different lengths. Some common roll lengths are 100 feet, 175 feet, 200 feet, and professional butchers and meat retailers often buy this paper in much longer rolls. This is a heavy weight, sturdy paper that is designed to let meats breath while keeping outside contaminants out.

1. The white butcher paper is bleached to create the basic white color, but is still rated as food safe. It is uncoated and great for wrapping things such as subs and deli-sandwiches for sale. White butcher paper is not coated and will not trap moisture inside the package. White butcher paper is the one people use for crafts and household uses other than food.

2. The pink butcher paper is meant for wrapping meats to sell, store, and for smoking. This paper has a range of dye added to form light to dark paper. The reason people use it in smoking meats is that it helps keep the marinade, seasonings, and smoky flavor in place on pork butts, turkey breasts, or beaf and pork ribs while letting the meat breath while cooking. Pink butcher paper also helps mask the blood and juices from raw meats when used to wrap them for sale.

3. Peach butcher paper is different than white or pink butcher paper because it is treated with a food safe sizing agent that makes it better for storing and preserving cuts of meat. This paper will allow a little oxygen into the package to help meat retain its bright red color while staying fresh.

4. Brown butcher paper can be made of recycled papers and is still untreated by coatings and chemicals. it can be used for storing foods, for crafts, and packing breakable objects.

Butcher Paper and Cooking

Butcher paper is used for cooking meats and other dishes, but it is important to know that it is different from parchment paper or freezer paper. The pink variety is most popular for smoking meats and holding the moisture in during this process. Butcher paper can also be used to create pouches to cook a variety of foods on the grill or in the oven. The paper is cut in a special shape, then brushed with oil and filled with a combination of meat or fish, vegetables, and spices. It is closed and sealed to keep the moisture and aroma in as food cooks. The pouches are presented on plates where diners open their packets to a lovely burst of aroma.

Butcher paper can also be used to line cookie sheets though it may need to be sprayed with nonstick oil coating.

Butcher Paper and Crafts

Butcher paper comes in large rolls, so people have found multiple uses for it. White butcher paper is the best for children’s art and craft projects because it shows off the colors of paint or crayons better. But, the brown butcher paper is also used for many craft projects. It can be cut in large sheets to use as a background for a project, or for a backdrop for an art display. It can also be used as a sheet to protect the table children are doing crafts on. Since it is uncoated, glue will stick to it for those projects where children are gluing nature objects or cut out shapes onto a background.

Butcher Paper Uses Around the House

In addition all the colors of butcher paper can be used around the house for many projects including, inexpensive temporary table cloths, backdrops for displays, wrapping objects for storage or at moving time, personalized place mats, and more. Butcher paper is strong, affordable, and practical. It doesn’t have harmful chemicals in or on it, and it is disposable. But, it still can look rich and stylish used in the right way.

A roll of butcher paper can be mounted on the wall on an attractive roller and used as practical art. The paper can be used to write grocery lists or recipes that can be changed at will by removing the paper from the end of the roll and pulling a new section down. It can be used in a living room or bedroom to write inspirational messages that can be changed on a whim.

The different colors of butcher paper can be used as wrapping paper for gifts when paired with natural elements and decorative twine or ribbon. It can be a blank slate to stamp or draw designs on for one of a kind gift wrap.

Butcher paper can be used as a backdrop for photo shoots, party tables, or art projects. When the event is done, just remove the paper from the wall.

Butcher paper can also be used to protect the floor during redecorating, painting the walls or ceiling, and more. It can protect newly installed wood or other flooring during the final stages of renovations.

This versatile paper is strong and neutral in color, so people use it for many things. One use is to cut the paper to the exact size of artwork a person plans on hanging on the wall in a grouping. Tape the lightweight paper shapes on the wall to create an attractive arrangement, then replace each piece with the artwork it represents. Butcher paper can also be used to cover windows when privacy is wanted and the draperies are not ready. When a person is renting a retail space with front windows and does not want people looking in while the store decor is being installed, butcher paper can be used to cover the windows until the unveiling of the new business takes place.

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