Give Your Start-Up A Leg Up with Otter PR

You’ve done it – you started your business after months, possibly years, of planning and careful execution. You have your EIN and company bank account. You’ve obtained your licenses, hired an employee – or a few, and you even have some socials up and running. You have ideas for advertising, and you might even be your company’s sole content creator and copywriter for the time being. This may be all you have in terms of the marketing department, but you plan to invest more in the future.

Sound like you? While advertising tends to take up the majority of a business’s marketing budget, public relations is the definition of a small dog with a big bite. Often overlooked, public relations (PR), if executed properly and timely, can mean the difference between creating a loyal customer fan base in a company’s inception versus playing likability catch up in the aftermath of a launch. Its results can be hugely impactful, all for a fragment of your budget.

Unlike advertisements shown to potential customers in a flash of graphics and slogans, PR focuses on the way media outlets relay your business’ information to watchful consumers. A company’s PR success is often contingent upon the relationship between the media outlets and the journalist. Because of this, the return on investment of hiring a professional PR firm far outweighs the initial savings of trying to do it yourself. When you DIY your public relations efforts, you miss out on crucial opportunities to elevate your brand. Your best option as a start- up is to find a PR firm that tailors their budgeting and contract obligations to that of your needs. Namely, a firm like Otter PR – a public relations company with a revolutionary take on contracting that makes it ideal for businesses just starting out.

In any stage of business, but especially in the beginning – long-term contracts are intimidating because no one wants to invest money without knowing they will reap the full benefits. The advantages of working with Otter PR are they are money-back-guaranteed and offer month-to- month contracts. Ranked number one PR firm by Top Rated National, and with over 100 years of combined writing experience, Otter PR has established themselves well within their industry. They offer tiered pricing, ranging from Rookie to Varsity to Executive packages. The Rookie option is specifically geared towards companies that are beginning their PR journey and is the optimal choice for a start-up. Otter PR delivers hundreds of custom pitches to their clients monthly, and they have the ability to guarantee publications. Otter PR will even match your company with a dedicated publicist and offer strategic consulting services to ensure continued success.

In the current state of the world, flash judgments have the power to generate a lasting impact. The steady effect of solid PR is invaluable, and while DIY public relations efforts seem tempting – the reverberation of an unsuccessful PR campaign sabotages a start-up’s chance at making a credible first impression. Acting as a liaison between the brand and the audience, Otter PR is adept at generating longevity when it comes to eminent public relations. With a lineup of publicists and strategists dedicated to cultivating your brand, Otter PR creates long-term customer loyalty that more than pays for itself. If you own a business and are just starting, remember that DIY PR is not the way to go. It can be overwhelming, so avoid the utter chaos and go with Otter PR instead.

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