Funky Designs for your Car Parking Space


A parking space for cars is one of the most fundamental parts of a building. But even as important as it is, many people do not give a lot of thought to car parking spaces, especially when designing. The garage may not serve the same purpose as the kitchen or the bedroom, but that does not mean that it should be overlooked in terms of creativity and attention. Below are some DIY designs you can implement for your car park: 

Car Ports

It is not every time a homeowner wants to go for a conventional garment in their spaces. Such people may prefer to go for semi-open areas for their cars. A carport is the best for a case like this, and since it is a DIY concept, you can design it to be separate or linked. 

You can also choose to be ultramodern in outlook or with a dash of antique design; it all depends on how you want it. There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to carports. When it comes to the material for the roof of the carport, you can use concrete to blend well with the building itself. 

On the other hand, you can choose to select wood as the material of choice. Going with wood is an excellent idea as it will blend well with the lawn, if any. If you love transparent surfaces, you can have the walls done with glass – but that might be quite expensive. 

Free Standing Garage Concept

If there is enough space in your home, you can have a unique and separate section dedicated to automobiles. You are free to place the garage in any area of the house you so desire. You can keep it at the rear, in the side yard, or the front section. You will find the free-standing garage in the zone that has the most space for it. 

However, once you have found the space to be used, you cannot just leave it bland and uninspiring. Hence, to add some color and life to everything, you will have to paint and explore some designs with floral patterns. Once again, here is another opportunity for you to be as creative as you want to be. You can select the most exotic flowers and the brightest paints for the walls of the garage. 

When it comes to the interior, you are also free to be as creative as you want. You can make the interior burst to life with colors or decide to coat it with a series of artwork you did by yourself. You can choose to add sections on the interior where you can keep other things like your sports equipment, bicycles, and even toys for your kids. 

Utilizing Underground Space

If you have the subterranean space on your property, it is perfect for a DIY concept concerning car park designs. This type of car park comes with a lot of advantages if you can pull it off. Apart from the optimal security that it provides your automobiles, you can also design the underground space to turn it into a multipurpose zone. 

For those who have all the architectural or engineering skills to work in an underground space, it is a cool way to develop an outstanding design for your driving machines. 

Auto Porch

Having a car porch that you have conceptualized on your own is another excellent DIY concept you can use to design a beautiful automobile park. Even though it may not provide the same security level as an underground park or a typical garage, you are free to make a car porch as customized as you want it. 

You can select attractive pillars, exotic architecture for the porch itself, and crown it with a majestic roof. It is a DIY concept, and you are free to let your mind roam as the car lover you are – there is virtually no limit to the extent of creativity. 

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