Exploring Miami Beaches on a Bicycle

With one of the best weather conditions in the country and its sprawling beaches, Miami is a fantastic place to enjoy outdoor activities at any time of the year. If it is summer and you have a bicycle in good condition, then it is the best time for you to explore Miami’s beaches. 

For those who do not have their two-wheelers, it is not an issue as you can rent one. Start from the North Beach where you can park, then make your way southward until you get to the first street. 

Biking along the beaches of Miami is a beautiful way to exercise; you can also stop along the way for cool dips while enjoying delicious refreshments as you bike along. This piece is going to serve as your guide on this fantastic journey. Let’s go! 

Miami Itinerary and Paths

Start at North Shore Open Space Park

Those who do not have their bicycles can rent a good one on 79th Street from Citi Bike. This region is one of the most beloved beaches, one that plays host to several lively parties in the daytime and evening. Once you get here, take some to cool off then start your riding. 

Continue to the North Beach Bandshell

Once you have refilled your belly at Taquiza, continue along the biking path until you reach the North Beach Bandshell. If you happen to be there on the weekend, then you can chill a little and enjoy the music events and festivals while sampling one or two snacks with the party revelers. 

Bike on to Generator

From the Malibu Farm, ride a bit in the southward direction, and you will see the bike path moves nearer to the beach. Here, you can stop and sample some of the most excellent bars in Miami. Driftway Bar is one such, and you can grab a drink or two if you are feeling thirsty. If you are okay, then continue your biking without stopping. 

Onward to the Shelborne South Beach

From Generator, you continue along the bike path until you get to the Shelborne South Beach. Here, there is usually a lot of excitement in the air because of the pools’ several activities, especially during the weekends. Since you have eaten enough already, continue biking. 

Get to The Alley

The bike path immediately ends up at the Lummus Park before you reach the chaotic Ocean Drive, bike on until you reach The Alley, a place known for its lavish Italian dishes. You can have some rest here and resume your biking quickly. 

Bike Across Lolo’s Surf Cantina

After a short break at The Alley, hop on your bike and hit the 3rd street, which takes you towards the end of Miami Beach and past Lolo’s Surf Cantina with its scrumptious Mexican meals. 

End at the South Pointe Park and Pier

Many bikers like this terminal end of the biking route because it commences and finishes with a park irrespective of where you navigate. At this end, you get to soak in one of the most beautiful sceneries in Miami. You can then park your bicycle and do a little jogging. 

Places to Stop and Eat

  • Taquiza: Here is your first place to stop to get something nice and filling to eat but not too much. Try out their tacos, tasty guac, or the irresistibly hot totopos. Top it all up with fresh fruit juice or chilled soft drinks.
  • Malibu Farm: If you are hungry after biking past the North Beach Bandshell, you can stop at the Malibu Farm, where you get to enjoy great and uninterrupted views of the ocean while you down drinks and some of the most delicious local dishes. 
  • Shelborne South Beach or Nautilus by Arlo: You can park here and get some nice chicken at Root & Bone or pick up some fresh snacks and iced drinks at the Nautilus by Arlo. 
  • The Alley: Located not far from Lummus Park, this place has some of the nicest Italian delicacies. From incredible pizzas to delicious pasta or nutritious zucchini salad with a cup of yummy gelato, here is a place you can definitely let off some steam.

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