Entrepreneurship Is an Avenue Worth Taking: Young Marketing Businessman Henok (Henny) Yeshanew From Canada

Henok has been awarded a Top 40 Under 40 Achievement and has also been educating the youth on entrepreneurship.

There are many youngsters in the world who have only a uni-dimensional mindset where they focus on only a single goal and keep working towards the same, also as per the wishes of their parents and society. They do this not realizing that life has much bigger plans for them and it is for them to realize what steps to take in order to understand their higher purpose in life. Similar is a story of a young business personality from Toronto, Canada named Henok (Henny) Yeshanew, who broke the glass ceiling and rose above the many challenges in life concerning the traditional rules of the society and became what he always wanted to be – an entrepreneur.

Having an unusual connection with the growing marketing world, Henok understood the various principles of creating something and producing for the consumers and this inclination towards the business world, made him create his own business in marketing that could work for various types of companies. Showing his skills as the one-man show, after graduation, Henny dedicated himself to what is today considered one of the leading most marketing agencies of Canada, called Lion Marketing Agency, which is a top-notch performance-driven digital marketing agency that believes in creating long-term relations and partnerships with its clients.

Being only 24 years of age, Henny wears the hat of the Founder and CEO of Lion Marketing Agency, which is a full-service marketing firm. The company is much ahead in the competitive industry as it works along with all types of businesses – small, medium and large. Their efforts are towards growing these businesses and maximizing their reach across mediums through their robust team of nine talented professionals as well as modern techniques and strategies.

Henny, through his agency, offers a wide range of services to his clients, including lead generation, social media marketing, digital marketing, marketing consulting, brand marketing, advertising and many more.

As a kid Henny was a bright student and went on to become a lawyer from McMaster University; however, while in his last year in under graduation, Henny understood his passion towards doing business and after leaving the University, he jumped into the marketing field and started gaining knowledge, to learn all the aspects of business and build the same. Along with his business partner, Adam, he took his agency to much higher levels in the industry.

His agency is a one of a kind firm in marketing that focuses on growing not just the large and the medium-sized firms, but also the small businesses, with the help of their effective program that aims to benefit them in all ways possible affordably by growing and scaling them in the industry. Henny, at a very early stage in his career, realized that only launching a business is not what entrepreneurship is all about; it is also about creating a path for others to lead them to success.

Today, he has become a recipient of a Top 40 Under 40 Award and also a mentor who educates the youth about entrepreneurship. With this, he also offers an internship at his agency for them to make them understand the ground reality and gain real-life experiences of the business world, guiding them to realize what they really seek in life. Henok’s efforts, passion and success have inspired many in the world and have made them realize that entrepreneurship is an avenue worth taking.

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