Early voter turnout in Texas county surpasses 2016 figure

Texas Voting

Voter turnout in Harris County, Texas, after seven days of early voting for the November 3 presidential election has surpassed the figure recorded during the 2016 polls.

As of Monday, nearly 720,000 voters in Harris County had cast their ballot in person or by mail, the Houston-based KHOU TV station said in a news report on Tuesday evening.

This figure represented 52 per cent of the total voter turnout in 2016 and 73 per cent of the early voter turnout that year.

Voters in the County broke another record during the first four days of the early voting, casting more than 100,000 ballots each day, with an average about 10,000 votes per hour.

“This turnout is not an accident,” the KHOU TV station quoted Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo as saying on Tuesday.

The county nearly tripled the number of early voting sites to a record 122. Ten of those are new drive-thru voting sites.

A spokesman for the Texas Secretary of State’s Office reported on Tuesday that more than 4.6 million of the state’s residents have cast their ballots during the first week of early voting.

In the 2016 election, Texas, a major battleground state, swung in President Donald Trump’s favour.

He won 52.23 per cent of the votes, while his then Democratic rival Hillary Clinton garnered 52.23 per cent of the ballots.

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