DIY Vacuum Cleaner: Step by Step Process


A vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful cleaning tools in a home. It makes use of a suction system to get rid of dust, dirt, and other items. However, a modern vacuum cleaner does not come cheap, and not everyone can afford it. With this DIY, you can make your vacuum cleaner from the comfort of your own home without spending hundreds of dollars.

For this enjoyable DIY activity, you will need items like a plastic container, a reliable high RPM DC motor with a 12V rating, and a propeller. A vacuum cleaner comes with a separate dust reservoir and as we will be working with a dust collector made from plastic, the DIY can be done so that it will work as both a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. The following are the steps that you have to take to achieve this goal: 

Step 1: Get the Parts Ready

You can get all the parts and components you need from the local electronics store or order online. The items that you need include a powerful and high RPM motor, DC adapter jack, 12V adapter, and Araldite adhesive. Others include a thin metal sheet, two plastic bottles (one big and the other small), and a plastic spiral conduit. 

Step 2: Start with the Dust Collector

  • Take the smaller one of the plastic bottles and cut a hole in the bottle cap to take the shape of a ring. 
  • Get a soldering iron point or heated needle to puncture some holes in the bottleneck. 
  • Close the bottle until it is tight. 
  • Pick the large bottle and use a knife to cut it into two parts from the neck neatly. 
  • Get the Araldite adhesive and use it to join the smaller bottle to the bigger one’s neck. This should be done in such a way that the small bottle can be removed with ease by just unscrewing the cap of the bottle. 
  • Pick the spiral conduit and attach it to the mouth of the bigger bottle. The job of the tube is for it to serve as the channel for sucking up dust. 

Step 3: Making the Propeller

  • On the light metal sheet, make a circle that is of the same diameter as the big bottle. 
  • Use a pair of metal cutting scissors to cut the circle and draw a little concentric circle close to the center. 
  • Pass a line through the center, and this will be your reference line, make eight lines with each one being at an angle of 45 degrees. 
  • Follow the marked lines on the sheet and cut to get eight sectors. 
  • Bend each sector over the same distance to come up with the propeller, drill a center hole. 
  • Get the high RPM DC motor and fix the propeller to the DC motor shaft. 
  • Take the cap for the big bottle and punch a hole at its side. 
  • Place the bottle cap with the motor and join tightly using hot glue. 

Step 4: Making the Vacuum Cleaner Body

  • Puncture two or three holes at the lower end of the half-cut big bottle; this will be the channel for air to flow out. 
  • Put adhesive at the lower end of the bottle and attach the motor propeller right at the base center. 
  • Link the DC adapter jack with the motor wires, then fix it using hot glue to the bottle. 
  • Connect both bottle parts and finish it with designs or creative patterns.

Step 5: Testing

Your dependable DIY vacuum cleaner is now set for you to use. Connect the 12V adapter to the DC jack and then turn it on so that you can test it properly. The essence of this step is to make sure that everything works perfectly – and there you have it, your homemade vacuum cleaner! 

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