DIY Ideas to Make and Decorate Your Cushion Cover

Cushion covers are an integral part of your furniture. Making your spaces have the most pleasant look means working on things like the covers of your cushion. There are many cushion covers in the market today for sale, and they are available in different shapes and sizes. Instead of shelling out funds, there are some spectacular DIY ideas that you can make use of, so that your cushion covers will look super trendy and excellent as always. 

You may even be preparing for festivals and other celebrations, and you may want to add some pop for your guests. If you are ready to get crafty, these hints are for you. Here are some of those ideas that you can execute directly from the comfort of your room. 

Simple Fabric Style

For this DIY task, you will need a cushion filler, wool, beautiful and colorful fabric for the cover, a brush, paint, and a pair of scissors. Once you have all in place, follow these steps: 

  • Measure the fabric for the amount you are going to need to cover the cushion filler. 
  • Cut out the fabric needed, spread it out, and mark the upper parts. 
  • Place those parts on plastic and bring out your paint. You must make use of a plastic sheet underneath because the color will leak through the fabric, and you do not want that to mess up your work. This is one of the most exciting parts of the DIY, as you can create any design you want with the paint. You can cover the surface with small brushstrokes of the paint. 
  • When the paint is completely dry, fit the fabric back on the filler. Apply some hot glue and press down, so that they all stick together. Remember to fix it tight. 
  • Make some woollen designs in each of the four corners of the cushion. Let them be nice and fluffy; add using the glue. 

Insert Style

The first step here is to do a measurement of the dimensions of the inserts. Ensure that you do a measure of the curve of the cushion and not only the finished width. As you will be working with square cushion covers, the length and the width are of equal dimensions. If your cushions are rectangular, you can appropriately take the dimensions – make sure you are precise with your measurements. 

Cut the fabric in the shape of the cushion. You can utilize a rotary cutter with a mat so that you can form the neatest edges. For compact designs, the height should be reduced by a few centimeters. Start the sewing of the fabric from the wrong side facing up. 

Continue by stitching across the hems using a sewing machine, maintaining the straight stitch pattern. If there is no machine, you can do the stitching by hand while using a running stitch or a backstitch. 

Taking the right sides of the fabric together, fold on the right and left hemmed edges so there is an overlap of around four inches. Get the overlap to be in the center and recheck the cover to ensure it is of the same dimension as the insert. Fix the overlap and the lower and upper raw edges. Stitch the lower and upper raw edges allowing a seam space of about half an inch. 

Fluffy Cushion Style

Start by measuring your fabric onto the cushion cover, which is the filler; use a printed fabric. Apply some hot glue and join the fabric edges, so they cover the cushion. Use a long fabric to tie tightly across the center until it looks like a bow. Use a plain fabric of about three inches wide and tie around the center, so it looks like a bow center – you end up with an adorable cover! 

Glamour Cushion Style

If you already have plain cushion covers or have made a cushion cover yourself with a plain fabric, you can spice it up by adding some glimmer and glamour to it. Use a combination of differently coloured sequins and you can either glue them onto your plain covers or sew them onto it – whichever you are more comfortable with. Experiment with different shapes, colour combinations and styles!

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