Dallisa Hocking Expands Her Reach with Spirit & Spark and Popular, Three-Card Readings

Dallisa Hocking

Las Vegas – the home of glitz and glamour – and a place where fortunes are won, lost, and “read”, if you visit Dallisa Hocking – Las Vegas’s premier psychic medium. But seriously, in a city with dozens of spiritualists and psychics lining the streets, Hocking is sought out more than any other for her unmatched reputation in the industry.

Her clientele consists of locals and tourists; however, she is also the stopping place for the stars who want the kind of insight she can offer. These days, Hocking’s services are reaching much farther than the Vegas Strip. Founder of Spirit & Spark, Hocking utilizes a nationwide network of practitioners, including psychics, mediums, shamans, reiki, theta practitioners, life coaches, spiritual coaches, and more to fill clients’ needs. Hocking understands that many people don’t know where to begin when pondering spiritual and psychic assistance. Therefore, Spirit & Spark specializes in assessing clients’ needs and directing them to the most appropriate spiritualist possible.

A “normal” childhood and abilities

Hocking says she gets a lot of questions about how she acquired her abilities. She grew up a fifth-generation psychic, so Hocking never really knew she was different. Growing up, it was customary for Hocking’s grandmother to talk with her about seeing spirits, and the two of them shared a special bond. Her grandmother would tell her stories about her great-great-grandmother, Bell, who also possessed gifts. Even though her grandmother has passed, Hocking still has a close connection with her. She says she can often feel her presence, or even Bell, in the room as she works with clients.

Hocking says her primary skills include her third eye, which is her clairvoyant gift. She explains, “My third eye is like watching a movie on a screen. I see things around a person that help me identify with them.” She says she can also hear voices that further assist her understanding of a client. Hocking is also an empath, meaning she can feel things when she is around other people. Hocking adds, “However, my gifts do not apply to my life. I cannot see, hear, or feel anything that gives me insight into my future.”

Interestingly, Hocking has also spent a lot of time helping agencies with missing person cases, mysterious death cases, and cold cases. While this work is often exhausting and tragic, Hocking loves knowing she can discover additional information that brings closure to many loved ones.

A surprisingly popular fluke

Hocking’s latest adventure started as kind of a fluke. “I’ve had several people contact me and say they are interested in the work I do, but they can’t afford a full session. This is how I dreamed up the idea to do three-card readings for $15.” Hocking explains that by talking with someone on the phone, she can pick up on their aura. She can then sense that person’s energy and give the client results in three Tarot cards. “The cards give the person a hint of what to look out for or to embrace. The readings are thought-provoking and relevant to their lives.”

Hocking thinks 2020 has dampened people’s spirits, and they are looking to the three-card readings as a glimpse of the future, hoping it will improve. While Hocking says she cannot create a positive outcome, the readings tend to appease people’s curiosities. Hocking says the popularity of the three-card readings has surprised her. She also offers that they are a fun change of pace, and their affordability extends the service to almost everyone. And Hocking says this fluke has turned out to be so popular, she’s added a window of time when the service is available every month.

That’s a wrap

Dallisa Hocking has been a staple in Las Vegas for quite some time. With the expansion of her services, Hocking says she and her fellow practitioners are making more matches than ever. Hocking says she is privileged to work with such talented and dedicated shamans, reiki, theta practitioners, life coaches, meditation guides, and spiritual coaches.

If you have ever wondered about the services of any of these practitioners, you owe it to yourself to check out the Spirit & Spark website, the social media links below, and Dallisa Hocking’s Spirit & Spark YouTube channel.  The three-card reading can be found at https://www.spiritualretailstore.com/product/pre-order-3-card-oracle-reading-with-dallisa/1395

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