Creating a Night You’ll Never Forget: 6 Memorable Prom Night Themes


Are you in charge of planning this year’s prom? Are you trying to decide which prom theme you can choose from the top prom dresses of 2023?

Choosing a prom theme can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty stressful. While you can’t please everyone, you want to pick a theme that people are going to be excited about.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a theme, look no further.

Read on to learn about the most memorable themes for prom night.

1. Masquerade Ball

If you want your prom to be classy with a touch of mystery, then a masquerade ball theme is perfect.

For this prom theme, you’ll want to channel 18th century France with chandeliers, ornate masks, and castle decorations. The mystical masks are obviously the biggest aspect of the masquerade ball, so you want to make sure everyone is wearing one.

To make sure everyone gets one, we suggest giving them out to students when they buy their prom tickets. Here are a few decor ideas to take your masquerade ball prom to the next level:

  • Set out candles and hang up twinkly lights to create an aura of mystery
  • Hang up masks on the walls and use them as centerpieces
  • Set out glass vases with feathers and beads
  • Sprinkle glitter sprinkles or metallic confetti all over the tables
  • Hang up drapes of green or purple fabric to cover up modern items

While you’ll definitely want to play some modern tunes, it can also be fun to throw in some classical or jazz music to better set the mood. If there’s going to be food at the prom, then we suggest setting out lavish finger foods such as crab puffs, canapes, stuffed mushrooms, gourmet cheeses, and chocolate mousse.

2. Roaring ’20s Prom

Since we’ve officially entered the 2020s, why not pay homage to one of the most famous decades of all time, the roaring 20s?

If you had to read The Great Gatsby for school, then you should have a pretty good idea of what the roaring 20s is all about. For this theme, you’ll want to deck out the tables and chairs with feathers and shiny gold accents.

With the prom invites, make sure everyone gets a feather boa. You can also encourage the guys to wear top hats and the girls to wear top hats and the girls to wear cloche hats, pearls, and white gloves.

For the tables, we suggest draping some lacy black linen over white linen. Table decorations can include strands of pearls, decks of cards, and poker chips. And of course, you’ll want to play some ragtime and swing tunes to get the party started.

3. Paris

What better setting is there for prom than the most romantic place in the world?

For this theme, you can get Eiffel Tower cutouts and string lights over them. If you want it to feel even more authentic, you can also place gold tulle under the Eiffel Tower.

It can also be really fun to set up a photo booth for this theme. Berets, stripey t-shirts, fake mustaches, and glitter curtain doors all make great photo booth props for this theme.

If you’re allowed to serve food at the prom, you have tons of options with the Paris theme. You can put out croissants, macarons, truffles, cheese and bread, crepes, and chocolate eclairs, just to name a few.

If you want to take the Paris theme to the next level, you can also set up a Moulin Rouge area. For this, you’ll want lots of feathers, windmills, and red-colored decorations.

4. Yule Ball

If your prom is in the winter, then a yule ball theme is a great idea. However, even if your prom is in the spring, it’s still pretty fun to dance the night away in a wintery wonderland.

If your classmates are huge Harry Potter fans, then this also makes a great theme. For the yule ball theme, you’ll want to decorate the space with fake snow, twinkling lights, and ice sculptures. Also, don’t forget to set up plenty of Christmas trees (preferably white ones) and decorate them with twinkling lights.

To pull the theme together, you can make Hogwarts-style invitations.

5. Hollywood

If you’re looking to turn your prom into a star-worthy event, then it’s time to roll out the red carpet for a Hollywood-themed party.

To celebrate in style, you can hang up a starry backdrop and cover the walls in black paper covered in gold stars. You should also make a banner of the iconic Hollywood sign where the “paparazzi” can hang out and take pictures.

To take this theme to the next level, you can also cut out life-sized Oscar statues from cardboard and spray paint them gold. And don’t forget to drape a red satin curtain over the entrance.

The great thing about this theme is that everyone’s dresses and tuxes will be in style. For some great prom dresses 2020, you can click here.

6. Prom Through the Decades

A decade theme can also be very fun for prom. You can either choose a specific decade, or meld a bunch of different decades together.

For example, if you want to do a 60s-themed prom, then you’ll want to hang up disco balls, strobe lights, and flowers (for flower power). You can also put lava lamps on all of the tables.

For a decades theme, you can also encourage the girls to wear the prom dresses that belonged to their mothers.

Are You Ready to Have a Memorable Prom?

Now that you’ve read through these prom themes, it’s time for you to decide which one is best for your class. Pretty soon, you’ll be dancing the night away with your friends!

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more party planning tips and tricks.

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