Christopher Columbus- a genocidal psychopath and history’s Cruelest Tyrant

Christopher Columbus

Pick up any history book on Christopher Columbus in the United States, and you will see him described in glowing terms as a well-behaved voyager and great explorer. There is even a national holiday in the United States called Columbus Day.

This holiday commemorates the arrival of Columbus in the Americas on the 12th of October, 1492. Upon closer inspection, one will discover the truth that Columbus was nothing but a thug, conniving criminal, cold-blooded murderer, and a maniacal tyrant. Here are the reasons backing up these assertions, which can be shocking to some: 

Chopping Off the Heads and Ears of Natives on Hispaniola

Hispaniola is now the modern-day nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Still, it had its history bloodied a long time ago by none other than the genocidal psychopath called Columbus. Columbus would hire one of his bootlickers to invite three Indian leaders to him following the attack on him by over 2,000 native Indians. 

Upon their arrival, Columbus had their heads chopped off in public. This savagery did not end there. His bootlicker also got another native Indian, dragged him to the village square where his ears were chopped off. His only offense was that he refused to assist the Spaniards on their voyage. Just imagine the level of savagery of this lunatic called Columbus. 

Kidnapping a Native Woman and Allowing Another Rape

If you think Columbus’s madness was limited to beheading locals, you are not familiar with the level of his bestiality. Historical records show that he once captured a pretty Carib lady. One of his subordinates lusted after her, and what did Columbus do? He allowed his subordinate to rape the poor woman. 

Forcing Locals to Get Gold or Face Death

Many may not be aware of this, but Columbus instituted a policy that stipulated that each Indian above the age of 14 must source for a massive amount of gold or face death. The locals living in areas that do not have a lot of gold paid using cotton harvests. Just take a moment and imagine the depth of this cruelty. 

Enslaving Over 1,000 People, He Kidnapped

Historical records show that on the orders of this same Columbus, 1,500 men and women were captured. More than 1,000 of them all were eventually sent to slave camps, also based on his commands. Imagine being in laborious servitude all the days of your life just because of the wickedness of one man. 

He Trigged Mass Suicide of 50,000 Natives

Columbus was so brutal that many of the native Indians preferred to die than submit to him. They destroyed their bread reserves so that not they or the Spanish invaders were going to lay their hands on them. They then took their own lives in several ways. Some leaped off tall cliffs, some others engaged in self-starvation until death, and others consumed roots full of poison. 

One other reason why some chose suicide as a way out was because of the tremendous pressure that Columbus placed on them regarding sourcing gold. 

The search for gold did not allow them to focus on their farm work or even care for their loved ones. They became frustrated, gave up hope, and chose to engage in mutual annihilation so that they do not end up getting killed or even captured by the Christian invaders or share any of their wealth, land, or resources with them. Imagine how wicked Columbus was that people preferred to take their own lives than submit to his machinations. 

Selling Underage Girls into Sexual Slavery

Now, you may be sick of the evil conjured up in the mind of Columbus, but there is one more, and he confirmed it himself. He allowed the settlers under his rule to sell girls as young as nine into sexual slavery. All Columbus cared about was just money and destroying the lives of girls meant absolutely nothing to him. 

He was Equally Evil to the Spanish

If you think that Columbus limited his evil to the native Indians, you still do not realize how deep his evil capacity went. A Spanish bishop named Bartolome de Las Casas took the time to record all the atrocities of Columbus. 

He unleashed nothing but terror upon the Spanish settlers that he ruled over. He had them beaten, bound by the feet, and even tied by the neck. Their offense was exchanging gold for food, so they do not starve to death. Columbus also had the tongue slash off because if they were accused of saying some words that he considered disrespectful. 

Spaniards that he accused of stealing something as necessary as bread were sentenced to death by hanging. In another instance, an unfortunate woman was stripped naked and made to lie on the back of a donkey and given the beating of her life. Columbus had accused her of lying about her pregnancy status. 

His Advent was a Total Disaster for the Indigenous Population

Columbus’s destructive effect on the native Indians was so thorough that just about five decades after his first voyage, just a mere 500 Indians were left on Hispaniola. This was out of an initial number of 300,000 in 1492 when Columbus arrived. As of 1548, only 500 remained. Many Indians preferred to kill themselves, and some fled as Columbus chased after them with his vicious canines – such evil! 


Now that you can see the extent of the evil that Columbus was capable of, it should not come as a surprise to you that so many people are angry that there is a day to celebrate him. Since there is no day to honor other genocidal maniacs like Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot, they argue that there should be no celebration of a force that is as destructive and evil as Columbus. Advocates want Columbus Day to be changed to a day of celebration of the native Indians – now you know why they insist on this demand.

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