Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 11th Oct – 17th Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

This is going to be a moderately comfortable week for matters related to your heart and relationships. Singles will remain under a negative stress due to domestic and occupational issues. However, this will not deter them from developing new relationships and falling in love! Married couples will be full of complaints for their spouse. This will make their spouse feel agitated. Be patient with yourself and your spouse. Try to handle things as tactfully as you can without losing temper. Surprisingly, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of marital life to the fullest possible extent. Overall atmosphere within the family will remain peaceful and harmonious.


Students pursuing post-graduation will receive extremely useful tips from their seniors. These advices will be worth their weight in gold and will help them get a faster grasp over studies. Their hard work will be paid off and they will be blessed with amazing grades! Students pursuing graduation will be able to learn various subjects without any major issues. However, they will have a substantial amount of problem memorizing difficult concepts. This will adversely affect their performance and their growth will slow down. Sincerity will be the key factor here. We recommend students to practice meditation during times of anxiety and stress. This will certainly help replenish brain power.


This is the week when you will need to stay extremely cautious with matters pertaining to your health and fitness. A lingering pain in the joints and muscles of your body is going to keep you bothered. It is better to resort to external massages and physiotherapy rather than taking painkillers frequently to get temporary relief from the pain. People middle aged and above should keep a close watch over any irregularities in their blood pressure levels. It is better to take medicines regularly as prescribed by your physician. Yoga, meditation and pranayam will certainly be helpful. Going to the gym and exercising everyday will help you keep fit.


This is going to be a brilliant week for matters pertaining to finance and money. Your financial stability will remain rock solid throughout the week. There is a distinct possibility of a financial gain somewhere around the mid-week. This will strengthen your financial position even further. However, you will need to spend money for some urgent repairs for your residence. You will be inclined to spend a substantial amount of money for at an auspicious religious place which will be located far away from home. You will need to keep a tight leash around unwanted expenses and not go buying things that you do not need as of now.


Businessmen will need to remain calm and composed throughout the week. We say so because there is a strong possibility of striking a major deal with a very prestigious customer during the week. The possibility of finalization of this deal will be maximum during the weekend. Businessmen will be easily able to surpass their competitors without having to compromise upon quality of their products. Salaried employees will be filled with enthusiasm and zest upon receiving a long pending incentive. They will remain positively motivated to work efficiently and deliver more output. In fact, their motivation will be so great that they will be prepared to work for extended hours!

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