Buenos Aires health minister asks citizens to follow sanitary guidelines to avoid second COVID wave

Buenos Aires COVID

Fernan Quiros, the Minister of Health for the Argentinean city of Buenos Aires, asked the state on Friday to keep sanitary measures against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic to stop any possible new outbreaks similar to those happening in Europe.

After registering around 1,300 daily cases in the last week of August, the contagion curve in the capital city has been decreasing, with an average over the previous seven days of around 500 daily cases. Still, Quiros said it was important for people not to lower their guard.

The official explained at a press conference that contagion curves fall due to a combination of three factors: public policies for testing and tracking, citizen education and social behavior, and the saturation of the channels where the virus can circulate, that is, a decrease in people who are susceptible to infection.

“What happened in Europe from our perspective is quite clear: during the European summer, they lost the three components that had brought down the first curve,” explained the official.

The minister said that to stop contagion, citizens must take care of themselves individually and collectively. At the same time, the government must continue to track, test, and isolate those diagnosed with the disease.

Under quarantine from March 20 to November 8 due to the pandemic, Argentina has reported 1,143,800 cases and 30,442 deaths from the virus to date.

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