Bidet Benefits: 8 Reasons Why You Need a Bidet Today


Of all things that could possibly have become a trend in 2020, bidets are this year’s hot item. What’s up with that?

Well, people are discovering that there are plenty of bidet benefits that the world has been neglecting. Everyone who isn’t on the bidet train is missing out.

Some people get embarrassed when they’re talking about bathroom appliances so they don’t want to ask friends about their thoughts on bidets. Don’t be embarrassed, this is something you’re going to want in your restroom.

Don’t believe us? That’s okay, we’re here to convince you. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a bidet in your home.

1. Stay Squeaky Clean

We shower to wash our bodies, right? You wouldn’t consider yourself clean if you were rubbing yourself down with a dry paper towel. You need some water (and some soap in the shower..) to keep everything as fresh and clean as possible.

So why is it any different when we use the restroom?

This is inarguably the least clean that you get throughout the day (almost every day, that is). Why do we neglect our cleanliness a few times per day every day?

A bidet gives you a cleaner experience than your standard toilet paper.

2. You Can Save Money

You might be thinking “okay, but I use flushable wipes.”

Great! How much money do you spend on those flushable wipes? A pack of them can be expensive and they aren’t large packs.

Furthermore, how much money do you spend on toilet paper every month? A family of four can use 32 rolls of toilet paper per month, give or take for “special situations”.

How much money is all of that paper costing you?

In the event of another great toilet paper shortage, don’t you think it’s a better idea to buy a bidet and cut down on your paper use?

3. You Can Save the World

Okay, this might be an exaggeration, but stick with us. You might be thinking “if I’m using more water, isn’t my carbon footprint higher?”

Let’s discuss this.

For one, you’re going to be using less toilet paper overall. Toilet paper, while we don’t usually consider it, is a paper product that requires energy and resources to produce. Using fewer rolls is going to benefit the environment.

When you’re using a bidet you are using some extra water. That said, many people choose not to flush when there’s no paper or visible waste. Reducing your flushes lowers the amount of water that you’re using by gallons per day.

You do the math.

4. Great for Your Health

Cleanliness, in general, is a good move for your health. For people with vaginas, there can be extra health benefits.

The common wisdom is to be careful when wiping to avoid urinary tract infections. Having a bidet eliminates this problem.

People who are pregnant may have difficulty wiping at all due to their newfound mobility problems. This can lead to those dreaded UTIs. This is no longer a problem with a bidet.

5. Mobility Issues? No Problem

As we mentioned, pregnant people with mobility issues can use a bidet with ease. They’re not alone in this.

As people age, they can lose mobility in their arms, legs, back, and elsewhere. This can make it hard to reach and wipe properly.

This is also true of people who have mobility-related disabilities or people who are very overweight. Anyone can lose mobility without expecting it, so having a bidet handy, like The Hiney Helper, will prepare you just in case.

You can be able-bodied and still enjoy the convenience of a bidet, but don’t discount how useful they are for people who need extra help in the restroom.

6. Keep the Kids Clean

Anyone who’s potty trained a child knows that they aren’t the best at keeping themselves clean once they’re on the “big-kid” toilet. It’s not their fault, they’re still learning and they aren’t as mobile as adults!

This can be an annoyance to parents who can’t always monitor their children during their bathroom breaks.

While kids need to know how to use toilet paper (they do go to school, after all), the addition of a bidet can keep them cleaner and give frustrated parents less to worry about.

Ask your pediatrician when it’s appropriate to begin teaching the child how to use a bidet.

7. Soreness “Down There”? Don’t Worry About It

There are plenty of reasons that you might experience some soreness in your lower bits. Whether you’re ill, suffering from the aftermath of spicy food, or you have the dreaded hemorrhoids, you might not be excited to put dry and scratchy paper anywhere near your bottom.

Bidets are gentle and forgiving. You don’t have to worry about pain and you have the option of a warm or cool water bidet to suit your needs.

8. No Expensive or Annoying Clogs

Have you ever flushed the toilet just to realize, oh no, it’s not flushing. Quite the opposite, it’s filling up higher.

This can happen for a multitude of reasons but the primary one is overstuffing it. Your poor toilet can only take so much.

Clogs can start as embarrassing and even gross. In a perfect world, you have a plunger that takes care of the job in moments, but we all know that reality doesn’t always play out that way.

Worst case scenario you’re going to have to hire a plumber. Do you have a septic tank? We hope not for the sake of your wallet.

When you’re using a bidet this isn’t as much of a risk. Save your plumbing.

Have These Bidet Benefits Convinced You?

There are far more bidet benefits than downsides so what are you waiting for? Bidets are affordable, clean, and appearing in more and more bathrooms world-wide. Soon you’ll be weird for not having one.

Go pick up a bidet today and do your household a favor. You’ll never go back.

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