Biden campaign to restart negative ads as Trump returns to White House

Trump, Biden

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that it has planned to restart negative digital and TV ads against US President Donald Trump after his return to the White House following his Covid-19 diagnosis, it was reported.

In a statement to The Hill news website on Wednesday, Michael Gwin, deputy rapid response director for the former Vice President’s campaign, said that while the team “has always been about making the positive case for Joe Biden”, “there’s a stark contrast between Vice President Biden and Donald Trump and their visions for our country”.

“We’re going to continue to make a full throated case for Vice President Biden and we will forcefully correct the record when Trump attacks and lies,” Gwin added.

After Trump announced on October 2 that he and the First Lady had tested positive for the virus, the Biden campaign revealed that it was taking down the negative ads.

But after spending just three night at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, Trump was back at the White House on Monday evening and even removed his mask before entering the building.

Trump also reportedly worked from the Oval Office on Wednesday, as his doctor said he was feeling “great” and experiencing no symptoms, The Hill news website reported.

The Biden campaign ran ads contrasting Biden and the President more than 7,000 times, with negative ads running 324 times on October 1, the day before Trump’s Covid-19 announcement.

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