Best Life Hacks and Crafts YouTube Channels

In recent years, life hacks videos have become extremely popular both on YouTube and on Facebook Watch. If you decide to create a channel on this niche, you have great potential for success. In this list, you can find the best life hacks YouTube channels to get inspired. When you create your own content, make sure that you buy YouTube views to help it reach more users.

#1 5-Minute Crafts

Subscribers: 67.5 million

No one can deny the success of 5-Minute Crafts as it is now one of the most subscribed channels on the platform. Its videos are all fun and entertaining. The life hacks shown are easy to create and use simple and everyday things. Many YouTubers also try out many of the hacks from 5-Minute Crafts’ videos, content that also gets a huge number of views. The majority of this channel’s videos are hands only and it features upbeat music. However, the videos are created for viewing on social media and mobile devices and they can easily be watched in mute.

#2 Troom Troom

Subscribers: 19.6 million

Troom Troom is another excellent example of life hacks YouTube channel. Namely, its videos have gathered over 7 billion views. However, Troom Troom doesn’t create only life hacks videos. Among its content, you can find prank ideas, DIY projects, and makeup tutorials. If you are making your first steps in this niche, study Troom Troom’s content and buy YouTube views to get an easy start.

#3 Crafty Panda

Subscribers: 12.9 million

Crafty Panda is Bored Panda’s YouTube channel about life hacks. The videos try to be entertaining by showing comedic situations that are saved by some crazy life hacks. Additionally to these videos, you can also watch makeup tutorials, home décor ideas, and fashion tips. 

#4 Blossom

Subscribers: 12.2 million

Blossom is another great channel to get inspiration for the life hacks’ niche. This channel has over 12 million subscribers and its videos have more than 3 billion views. The videos show life hacks for any possible situation, always according to the season. Moreover, there is also content that shows how you create fun DIY projects.

#5 Household Hacker

Subscribers: 4.99 million

Household Hacker aims to offer solutions to everyday problems, by using items that are in the house. Their videos are fun to watch and the solutions they suggest are creative. Household Hacker’s hacks range from interesting to weird, but they never fail to impress.  

#6 Crazy Mr. Hacker

Subscribers: 1.44 million

Crazy Mr. Hacker is a channel that offers original life hacks to impress your friends and your family. The solutions they offer are unusual, even though the videos are all highly entertaining. Many of the life hacks on this channel’s videos use sodas for impressive results. 

Life hacks are an interesting niche that can bring you great success. Many channels have already taken advantage of the potential that this type of videos holds. If you decide to try them for your channel, make sure to cheap youtube views to make the videos more visible.

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