Best Data Recovery Software For Mac R-Studio Review


The majority of the MacBook&iMac supports the latest macOS operating system and it is innovative software that is highly optimized & stable. However, macOS doesn’t come with software recovery options because Apple offers iCloud backup & restore services to the system administrators.You don’t have additional features to recover data from a deleted partition or formatted drive thatis expected from Apple.

What is R-Studio for Mac?

R-Studio is a macOS program that allows the system administrators to recover data from a deleted drive or formatted drive. You can recover data from a drive that has suffered from some form of the crash and it can recover from a widerange of scenarios. The solution can tackle many problems that you may have heard about and you may have gone through the process.The storage drive can go through Apple’s System Integration Protection and recover data from it. Let us look at the number of features and functions offered by the R-Studio that can handle the task or not.

1. Supported Operating System

Apple is known to support the old operating system via software updates and millions of consumers are running macOS Leopard10.5 or later. You got nothing to worry about the processor because it supports both Intel and Radeon Pro Graphics processor.The software support should not be an issue because it supports the 13-years old operating system.

2. Supported Devices

We have plenty of storage devices in our arsenal and we carry most of them in the form of USB Stick, Eternal Drive, Memory Card, and more. R-Studio supports multiple storage drives and it covered universal storage devices that you have on your desk right now. You can recover data from CD, DVD, HD, USB Flash Drive, Memory Cards, Compact Flash Card, SD Cards, and more. You can take any currently available storage drive and it will recover lost data from it. Download R-Studio and test the storage drive for the initial data recovering experience.

3. Supported File Systems

You will be surprised to know but there are 100+ file systems in existence and you will find a popular file system in storage devices. If you have multiple storage deviceson the desk, then you already about the different file systems. R-Studio for Mac supports multiple formats like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32/16/12, HFS, HFS+, and UFS1, UFS2, Ext2/3 /4FS, etc.The mentioned file system is integrated with most of the storage devices that we have in our boxes like external HDD, SSD, USB Flash Stick, SD Cards, and more.

4. Image Viewing

We have tested the program and found that it fetches a lot of file fragments and different formats. You cannot tell which file is working and which photo it is and that’s when the Image Viewer feature comes in handy.Open the image files quickly and find out whether you found the photos that you were looking for. You no longer have to backup entire search results and recover files that are important to you. Remember, the inbuilt image viewer doesn’t work on some occasions due to the corruption level of the file.

5. The “S.M.A.R.T” Technology

R-Studio added the S.M.A.R.T monitoring algorithm that will keep on analyzing the storage drive throughout the scanning period. The solution scans the drive for many minutes to understand the failure possibilities and corruption possibilities, so you can take appropriate action on the task.It is a handy feature for the old MacBook & iMac hard drive, so you can predict the failure and recover whatever you can from the results.

6. Recovery Speed

macOS operating system is highly optimized software and you should install the latest version for the maximum performance boost.R-Studio is a stable program that will scan the drive smoothly and it will finish the scanning process sooner but that depends on the number of files in the machine. However, the recovering speed or duration depends on the hardware because it depends on the CPU power. If your machine has a mid-range Intel-based processor then it will finish the recovering process faster than traditional solutions out there.

7. Recovery over Network

Many system administrators have network-based machines or computers in another location. R-Studio for Mac supports multiple operating systems like Windows Server, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX. You can recover data as long as the host operating system can recognize the HDD, SSD, or any other drive.Connect the MacBook or iMac to the internet and then you can connect to the machine via Remote Network Connection.

Bottom Line

R-Studio for Mac is available to download for free-of-cost and you can recover data with limitations. We do recommend the readers to give the program a try and find out whether it is working out for you or not. R-Studio is a premium solution and you can purchase the solution in three packages and they are R-Studio for Mac ($79.99), R-Studio for Mac Network ($179.99), and R-Studio Technician ($899). Let us know what you think about the R-Studio for Mac in the comment section below.